Friday, April 30, 2010

In my world a dream office would look like...

The husband and I were wandering around Best Buy the other night and after he had gotten his fill of all the funky gadgets I told him that I needed a moment with Apple. I stood in front of the glorious 27 inch screen and just basked in its glow. Sigh.

Yes, I pet the Apple monitors much like I do my cat. I just can't help myself and I promise I'm harmless :)

I use to work for a place where they loved their Apple products as much as I did and I was lucky enough to get two gorgeous Apple monitors on my desk. I was one spoiled graphic designer.

As I walked away from the Apple display I started thinking about what I would have in my perfect office. My ideal dream location to let all the creative juices flow. And this is what I came up with:

1. Every office needs some art work and every artist needs some inspiration. I would love to have some Mary Blair prints to provide decoration and inspiration for me. I love her use of colors.
2. Hydrangea. My favorite flower and sure to brighten up the "office".
3. Copic markers. These aren't your average kiddie markers. Big girl markers for big on color projects.
4. Pens. I'm kinda picky when it comes to pens. For me they need to be rollerball pens and the bigger the pen the better. See Jane Work
5. Cat tape dispenser and animal staplers. All I can say is, yes please! See Jane Work
6. Stackable animal erasers. In case a little creative block happens you can always stack multi-colored animals until the fog lifts from your brain. Uncommon Goods
7. Pantone color mug. Because designers are a funny kind and we love our design world so much that we need it on our mugs too. Biggest decision, what color am I? Processed or Unprocessed?
8. Letter boxes. I am always aspiring for better organization, and with these pretty boxes I'm sure that would become more possible. See Jane Work
9. MyAgenda. I have one of these now and I love it. It's the first organizer that I have actually stuck with past January 5th. Super chic. MyAgenda
10. Life.doc binders. These are great for organizing a ton of different kinds of information. Necessary for keeping track of orders, passwords and other office information. Life.doc
11. Apple 27 inch monitors. 2 please! This would be the star of the "dream office", besides all the great work that I can create with it of course!

What would your dream office look like?



  1. So many fun little things for the office! I love office supplies. Especially cute ones. :)

  2. Okay now you have me wanting to create a display of my dream office;) these are such fun picks. I LOVE the pantone mug of course:D
    Have a wonderful weekend:)