Friday, June 29, 2012

Finally an update!

Well look who be slacking on these pregnancy posts.  Yep. But I'm here now, trying to catch up before this little girl arrives!!

Size of Baby/ This week's fruit: The Bump says she is the size of a durian fruit. I have no idea what that is. It looks rather ugly and sharp and I doubt I'm going to find any in a fruit salad anytime soon. I've been able to figure out how she is positioned due to her hiccups feeling like they are very low and some sharp jabs that I get mainly in my right ribs that I think are from some very strong little legs. I've been amazed at how strong she is and can really make quite a fuss!

Cravings: Still just ice cream. I think it is safe to say that there will be no weird cravings for me in this pregnancy!

What I love now: I love when she really starts kicking and moving around. Even though sometimes it literally makes me jump, it is the best feeling and I know I am going to really miss it once she is born. With her due date a little over a month from now we are both really excited. One minute I'm super excited about her arrival and the next I'm thinking about how I will miss being pregnant and that I'm not ready for her to arrive yet. While that has been a pretty consistent 50/50 kind of feeling each day the feelings about meeting her and being excited to have her with us grow stronger then missing the pregnancy.

Symptoms: I have had an amazingly easy pregnancy. I am super duper lucky. I know that if we do decide to have another child that there is no guarantee that it will be as easy as this pregnancy has been and of course I will have Lucy plus the "maybe baby 2" to take care of then. I try to enjoy this pregnancy and its lack of complications as much as I can while still having the usual back ache, sore feet and heart burn that just seem to come with the territory these days.  And the there is the heat. I really feel like a space heater these days. I knew that being in my last months of pregnancy during the hottest months of the year here was going to be no picnic. So far that has been proven right. Fans and ice are my best friends right now.

Highlight of the week: Last weekend was our baby shower. It was so very nice and we felt so special to see all the love and support that comes from our family and friends. It was a really special day. I was super excited to see two of my friends and their little girls.

We like to say that we are starting our own Girl Scout troop. I can't wait till Lucy gets to join the "troop" and hang out with these little girls! Both of them are a little over a year old now so they will be about a year older then Lucy. I'm sure they will seem like the cool "big" girls to her!

What's new: My OB appointments have been every 2 weeks now. I have one more at this schedule and then we start going every week. Bananas! Her heart rate is always around 145-130s. Everything has been right on schedule. "Boring" means safe and healthy these days and I love my "boring" doctor appointments.

Nicknames: "Luce" & "The Goose" are still the main nicknames. My husband has started calling us "The Double L's" which I think is also very cute.

Looking Forward To:  We hope to basically have her room finished this weekend. We are very close which I still can't believe. Her room is better then I ever could have imagined. I sat in that room the other night and just wondered how this all came together. She is a very lucky little girl and I couldn't feel more blessed.

Bump time!

This is my 28 week bump in Vancouver when I officially headed over into 3rd Trimester land.

It's funny because at the time I REALLY thought I was showing and was really OUT there. Ha. 

Bare belly bump warning! It's hot and at this point in pregnancy you just feel like letting it hang out. That is within reason of course, I AM someone's mother after all :) 

And here I am now at 33 weeks.