Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GPOYW = Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday!

According to the urban dictionary, GPOYW = Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday!

This can take on a whole new spin with me. The little monster in my life, my cat Wednesday, can't really post gratuitous pictures of herself so I guess that is where I come in.

Even though around here it would be Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself, Wednesday!

I just become a word nerd and a cat woman all in one sentence. A least I have a cute little furball to amuse you with.

Like the booster seat? I'm trying to make amends with her since I brought her to a city and we live in the metro area and there really aren't any birds or wildlife for her to check out. So now she has a cozy place to hunt for animals for her to yell and chirp at. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, what about you?

Thanks to Caitidid Designs for the inspiration!)


1 comment:

  1. What a beauty your kitty is!
    My favorite day of the week is Friday. Yay that's tomorrow!