Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovely Blogger

I was checking out one of the blogs from one of my classmates from Indie Business, Camp SmartyPants and she mentioned the Lovely Blogger list on Lovely Clusters.

The Lovelies

It seemed like a really neat idea so I'm going to submit Wonderland Papers. They organize the list based on your state. Do you think they base it on where you are currently located or where your heart is? Cause my heart will probably always be in the Sunshine State even though I'm located in Missouri. This is my submission.

My name is Laura and I am the artist behind Wonderland Papers. I never really cared much about weddings until I planned my own wedding in July of 2008 and then I become totally in love with all the paper goods that go with wedding planning. I love creating wedding maps and all the unique map ideas that my customers present to me. Finding a way to create the idea in their head, put it on paper and some how surpass their hopes is the reason that I do this. I've had clients tell me that its like I created magic. I like the idea of being a magician :)

The name Wonderland Papers is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I just can't think of anything else that is totally based on total imagination and possibility. This is the foundation of my art.

My business is run off my Etsy Shop, Wonderland Papers

You can check out the goods at the Etsy Shop Wonderland Papers
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  1. I'll have to check out the lovely blogger list. Thanks!

  2. happy to "meet" you! My family lives in St. Louis! The work you do is so fascinating!

  3. I wanna have a Wonderland paper. It is too cute and I just love the design. :)