Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boston to LA

First off I have to say that I love my clients. Sometimes they can come up with the coolest and most creative ideas and I'm so excited and honored that they would trust me to execute those ideas. One such project came up recently. I had a client contact me about making a map of sorts for her uncle who was going to be traveling across the country from Boston to L.A. Fun idea, right? Well it gets better. On top of that her husband had written a fun little poem that they wanted to include in the map. It was a great collaborative effort and I know that she was really pleased with the final results.

As you can see there is no poem on the map. I didn't want to post it since her husband wrote it and I don't know if he wants it all over the interwebs. You will just have to trust me that it was perfectly appropriate for this project and very witty.

One of my favorite parts of creating my map projects is checking out different places across the country and the special landmarks and locations that make it special.