Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wadmalaw Island

My parents came to visit recently and we went to the Charleston Tea Plantation. For those that are keeping track that is the second time that I have been there since I moved here. But I didn't mind at all.

Growing up in Florida I'm used to tourist attractions being swamped and the fact that this one usually has a good group of visitors but isn't exactly Disney World makes it really enjoyable even if it is your second trip and you know all the tour guides jokes already :)

We also visited Angel Tree which probably isn't technically on Wadmalaw Island but its close enough for me to include it.

The list of things that I love about Charleston is miles long at this point. But one of the things that I really love about it is how there are many areas where modern expansion hasn't taken over and you have some great natural beauty that is left to shine all on its own. Back in Florida real estate is always prime and buildings are always built one on top of the other. In St. Louis it seemed like at least 40% of the buildings you saw were desolate and abandoned. It's so nice to see people letting Mother Nature do what we all know she does so well.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Couch to 5K

Have you heard about the Couch to 5 K?


The idea of the program is to start with small steps to help you increase your endurance (and not burn out your interest) to becoming a runner and ultimately be able to run in a race if you so desire.

Looks like I'm going to learn to be best friends with these guys.

When I was in college (many many moons ago) my roommate and I tried running together. That didn't last very long. We both decided that the only good reason to run was 1. If fire was involved 2. If bodily harm would come to you if you didn't run. I guess those two points kind of go together. I haven't had too many occasions arise where that criteria was met and so I just don't run.

My goal in doing this program is to be one of those people that actually likes to run. Which might actually be a much more difficult goal then being able to compete in a 5k.

Running has just never been my exercise of choice. I'm so envious of those people that just pop awake extra early in the morning, tie on their running shoes and can speed around and look like they really are enjoying themselves. I pretty much have nothing in common with those people right now since I usually wake up at a time most people would never consider to be really early and I spend a lot more time in these shoes in shoes with laces.

So now that I have put this plan out on the internet it means I have to stick to it.

So are there any runners or new runners out there with some tips to help me succeed at this?


Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Southern Home: The Nook

It's no secret how much I love living in the South. I'm just tickled to be in a place that I love and feel so connected to. I also really love our new place and am going to share so bits and pieces of it that I feel have that Southern charm in a series of posts called A Southern Home.

First up, The Nook:

One of the elements in our new place that I LOVE is the built in nook in our living room. I love the fact that its white and the edge detail at the top. It just works so well to display some of our most treasured items like our picture frames, cook books and my tea collection.

What kind of Southern home would it be if we didn't have a Southern Living cook book?

Does your home have a nook or built in shelving system that you love?