Monday, April 5, 2010

Springtime in the Midwest and the South

In the mid west you know that it is spring time because you see a lot of this:

and if you're in St. Louis, a lot of this:

Back in Florida you don't have flowers growing to tell you its spring time because the ground is already too hot and crunchy.

You know it is spring time in Florida when you see this:

All because of this:

The University of Florida Orange and Blue Debut. Also known as the spring game.

It is fun living in an area where all the traditions and customs are new to me and something to learn about. I will miss not being at the UF spring game, but I won't miss the crazy Florida heat!



  1. Spring time in St. Louis is a HUGE sea of red. Have you experienced the hype of a St. Louis Cards' home opener? It is a must-do!

  2. I'm a midwesterner too! We DO have beautiful springs don't we? Happy Tuesday!

  3. Yes, I do believe this weekend will be the last of the "pleasant" days here in North Florida!