Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Style Statement

I just finished the book, Style Statement Live By Your Own Design. I had seen some great results from others that had read this book and I love doing personality tests and thought that it would be a lot of fun. I have to admit that at times it was hard for me to go through the whole book just because I was so anxious to find out what my statement was. Think little kid on Christmas, anxious to just get to the good stuff.

I did learn a lot about myself. I kind of figured that my first word, the 80% word, would have something to do with art or being creative because it is just so much of who I am.

So without further ado...I am....

Designed: Designed absolutely positively adores simplicity and things that "make the most sense." They applaud original thinking and effective systems and are innately innovative, inventive, strategic, and intentional. Designed loves to know what the plan is or to improve on it. In pursuit of solutions or creativity, Designed can be an excellent researcher, networker, brainstormer, and visionary. They seek ourt contemporaries and modernizers to nourish their spirit and intellect. On a bad day, Designed can be overly willful or get stuck on the details of a strategy. They strive for mastery and excellence in focused areas. Visual expression is frequently of utmost importance to Designed. They are sincerely open to new ideas and ways of doing things, yet confident in their own perspectives and opinions. Designed dispenses advice when asked but does so with tremendous consideration and restraint.

Comfortable: Comfortable is the consummate pleasure seeker. Physical comforts are paramount and sensual gratification is a fundamental part of their lives. In their best form, Comfortable is easy going, sincerely cheerful, and free from doubt. They can be highly sensitive and when they feel something in their bones, they will do what it takes to regain their equilibrium, whether that means escaping from a situation or facing it head on. Comfortable is like a willow tree, flexible but deeply rooted. Comfortable is welcoming and soothing and always makes time for socializing and celebration. They strive to put those around them at ease, so they are often fabulous hosts-they love to please and accommodate. Nest eggs, back up plans, something to fall back on- Comfortable tend to be focused on security, whether financial or emotional, and will naturally trive to preserve it. Comfortable is a generous spirit.

I can't say that I was totally shocked by my Style Statement but it did surprise me in a few little ways. I thought that art and design would fit in there somewhere but they way that they describe "Designed" does fit me so perfectly. The need for things to make the most sense and be effective. Its a little scary how much of a fit that is. I was also surprised that "Comfortable" was my second word but once I read that description I just knew it was me. I'm a very sensitive soul and the more I thought about it the more I realized how much I crave comfort in my life. I also responded to Refined but felt like the other two words hit those certain qualities about myself that were just undeniable. Overall I feel like "Designed" is what I thought I was and is sort of a reminder that I'm on the right track and being true to myself. "Comfort" shows me how sensitive and in tune I am with my world.

Some of the questions that spoke to me:

My Dream Home Is: Bright colors, warm but simple. Efficient, comfortable space but not too big. Peaceful.

A completely luxurious, outrageous thing that I'd like to own is: High quality, zillion thread count down bedding. Total comfort.

The kind of jewelry that I prefer to wear is: Simple elegance, jewelry with personal meaning. Pearls.

The tools of my trade are: My imagination and my eye for design.

My muse and inspiration are: My husband and the devotion he shows for his work. Simple, clean and effective designs (Martha Stewart). People that are unique and honest to themselves and their creativity (Tim Burton).

What are some of your favorite words: Blessed, loyal, soul mate, inspired

I have felt out of place or incredibly uncomfortable: Networking, small talk. I loathe fake sentiments and people. Being real and authentic is very important to me.

The negative qualities in people that I can hardly tolerate: Being shallow, putting a lot of value into materialistic things, rudeness/lack of manners.

Do you have a style statement?


  1. "Designed Comfort" sounds lovely! I too had the experience of feeling like a few words *could* have fit, but once I found my particular statement, I felt like it just worked so well for me.

    And I feel the same way about networking and small talk. Ick.

  2. I would love a zillion thread count comforter too! That would be soooooo wonderful. :)