Monday, February 4, 2013

The Monday Update

A little Monday update.

Operation Nap In Crib has been going pretty well. We started a nap routine so she knows that it is nap time, a lot like having a bedtime routine so it signals to her that its time to sleep.  I was surprised at how quickly she picked up on it and was able to put herself to sleep.  Very good at putting herself to sleep, not so good at staying asleep.

At 30 min on the dot her little eyes pop open every time. Set your DVR to it kind of predictability.  We are working on getting her schedule back under control, trying to figure out if she is going to sleep under tired and that is why she takes short naps or if she is over tired and is restless, hence the short naps.  I'm really not a fan of the short naps. It's pretty hard to get things done during the day when you only have 30 min at a time to do it.  It has effected her night sleep a little bit on the particularly rough days. I've heard it isn't really all that unusual for babies her age to take these short naps but hopefully she can start stretching them out a little bit soon.

The only T.V. I have time for lately is our version of I Love Lucy via the video monitor.

I'm planning on doing a post on cloth diapers. It has been going really well and I'm excited to share what has been working for us. I did a TON of research on the topic when I was pregnant so maybe someone else will be able to benefit from my experience so far.

Guess whose 30 min nap is over.....gotta go!