Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day! Lots of love to all the military people (and families!) out there. I come from a family with a number of military members so I have nothing but the highest respect for all the branches of the military. Thank you for all your sacrifices.

When I got to work today and was getting through the morning blurries I was going through my Google Reader, just getting up to date on what was going on in the blog world. One blog that I make sure to always check is A Beautiful Mess. The mastermind behind A Beautiful Mess is crafting goddess Elsie. She is a super creative soul that I have a TON of respect for. Not only is she super artistic and creative but she's also a great creative business person. I took the Indie Biz class last year mainly because she was going to be one of the teachers. And who doesn't want to learn from the best?

Anyways, so back to me getting out of the morning fog. As I scrolled through my Google Reader I saw that they had picked names for a great giveaway that she was doing on her blog.

And wouldn't you know it but I was one of the winners!

I was very excited about it since the giveaway was for access to one of her e-courses. E-courses are great because they are full of information on a topic but no deadline like many online class courses do. And being able to work at my own speed through the information is great especially right now when my life is all in boxes.

I can't wait to dive right in to the Dream Job e- course. The timing couldn't be much better since I'm hoping to get much more involved with building my Etsy Shop (Wonderland Papers) once we are done moving and I can devote myself to it whole heatedly. There will definitely be a review of the Dream Job e-course in the near future.

Thanks again Elsie!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Packing < Unpacking


Math really isn't my strong suit but one thing is very clear right now.

Packing < Unpacking


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Southern At Heart

So do you remember THIS POST from a while back?

Well there is a reason that I wanted to love that book. I knew when I was reading it that there was a good chance that we would be moving to the location that the book is based on.

And now I know that is the case.

We're moving to Charleston, SC this summer :)

At Folly Beach this past weekend when we went house hunting.

To say that I'm excited is a GROSS understatement. I'm just totally beyond thrilled right now to be moving back to the South. I grew up in Florida and lived there all my life until we moved to St. Louis 2 years ago. This Southern girl has really missed her Southern drawls and hospitality :)

My husband got a great job offer and it really just feels perfect. I feel so amazingly blessed.

And don't EVEN get me started on the food in Charleston. Here fishy fishy :)

Have you ever been to Charleston, SC before? Any one have any info they can share with me?


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, mother in laws and soon to be moms out there!

The number of moms in my life duplicated this year since two of my best friends are both going to be able to celebrate Mother's Day for the first time this year. So exciting!

A picture of me and my mom on my wedding day. I have a great mom. I think she is the best and we have an amazing relationship. I feel so lucky and fortunate that I'm able to have the relationship with her that I do. Growing up I had my typical teenage girl moments and we weren't as close. As I got older our relationship really got better and better. I really couldn't ask for more. My mom has raised that bar really high for me when I hopefully become a mom some day. I know she will always be their to support me though so I look forward to that next chapter in my life whenever it comes.

Happy Mother's Day!

Do you have a special relationship with your mom or a special person that has taken on a motherly role in your life?


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Want To Go Where It's Warm

I consider myself to be a recent Jimmy Buffett convert. I'm a new Parrotthead. It wasn't till we moved to the midwest and I was landlocked that I realized that I had been kinda living the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle of palm trees and breezes until we moved.

But like so many things in my life when I fall for something I fall hard. All in here.

So when I found out that Jimmy Buffett was coming to St. Louis I knew that I had to be at that concert. And when that day finally arrived there was only one thing about the way that I had mapped it all out in my mind that was just a teensy bit different.

It was 45 degrees outside. In May.

So bringing my imagination along with me became really important in this situation. Cause it wasn't your typical Jimmy Buffett kind of weather.

So like most people I had to go to work the day of the concert. And it was kind of obvious that my mind was on beaches and margaritas. My work outfit of the day:

Top: Calypso at Target
Pants: Lands End Canvas
Shoes: Piperlime, one size too big but they are sandals and were on sale so that's how I roll.

I told hubby the day before that I was going to wear flip flops to the concert no matter how cold it was. Luckily I came to my senses before we left and made a few alterations to my originally planned outfit:

Wanna take a guess at what the additions to my planned outfit were?

Its all about the comfort people. I also added a nice grey sweatshirt to that outfit right when we got into the venue.

The concert was in an amphitheater and our "seats" were out on the lawn with all the other crazy Parrottheads. I'm laughing now at how funny my shoes look but man are they comfortable.

Seriously I kinda look like a cartoon character.

The concert itself was good, besides being really cold, and I'm glad that we went. I would love to go to his concert again in a much more tropical location. He made a lot of jokes about his fall off stage which I thought was pretty cool. Not cool that he fell (who would do something like that?) but that he could laugh about it. I dig people that can laugh at themselves like that. I also really dig being warm and comfortable which is why we left a bit early.

I gotta go where there aint any snow
Where there aint any blow
Cause my fin sinks so low
I gotta go where it's warm

So would you sacrifice a little fashion for comfort like I did?


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who's The Boss?

Wanna take a guess at what's wrong with this picture?


Monday, May 2, 2011

Bloggy Got A Facelift!

Notice anything different?

My little ol' blog got a facelift. And I have to say it just takes years off her, so much younger :)

I was going to post a picture of a face lift, you know matching the post title and all, but they were all way to scary and why ruin my beautiful little site with something crazy like that, you know?

I must give props to Penny Lane Designs who did her magic on the blog and has her looking fresh and spiffy.

If you are looking to give your blog an update I totally recommend her!