Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Believe

I believe that being inspired is one of the best feelings in the world, second only to being in love.

I believe that being rich (debt-free, stable, content) is much better then looking rich.

I believe that a purring warm kitty is the best cure for whatever ails you.

I believe that food made with love will always be just a smidge better then a gourmet dish.

I belive that having new sharpened pencils, blank sheets of notebook paper and fresh Sharpies will actually make you more productive.

I believe that being kind always matters.

I believe in breakfast for dinner.

I believe that pearls are appropriate for any occasion.

I believe the best is yet to come and won't it be fine.

I believe that cookies and milk are best friends and best friends should never be apart for too long.

I believe that life is best lived with a thankful heart, bellyache laughter and a desire to always find the positive.

I believe that Audrey got it right:

" I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles"

- Audrey Hepburn

What do you believe?


Bond, James Bond

Confession time, when it comes to movie series (multiple movies under one name) it isn't really something I find myself interested in. I've never seen the Star War series (I think I've seen part of one movie) haven't watched any of the Matrix movies, I begrudgingly was made to watch the Lord of The Rings movies and while I've seen all of the Indiana Jones movies, at least I think I've seen them all, I obviously can't really tell you all the names or what they are about. There is one movie series that I do love, and I love all the corny lines, over the top gadgets and cheekiness.

I love the James Bond movie series.

I don't know what exactly it is about the series that makes me love it so much but I certainly do. A sweet ride of a car, funky new gadgets, corny one liners that I can't help but love and repeat, sassy and sexy she-spys and one dashing bow tied gentleman that never breaks a sweat (unless your the new Bond). I must admit that while I don't aspire to be an actress if given the offer to be a Bond girl I would jump at the chance. As much as I love the series on the whole I do have some favorites.

Favorite Bond Movie:

Love this one for a bunch of reasons including all the old Vegas scenes, the really catchy opening song and a fiery little red head.

Which brings me to my favorite Bond girl:

Tiffany Case, played by Jill St. John

Even though I did one of those "Which Bond girl are you?" tests (I already told you I loved this series, does that surprise you?) and they said I was her:

Pam Bouvier played by Carey Lowell in License to Kill

I think it should probably go without saying that my favorite James Bond actor is the original, the one and only:

I also love this and wonder where I might find one of my own:

I really love "Live and Let Die" especially the voo doo part. Even if there are snakes involved. Major fear of snakes. MAJOR.

As much as I love the nostalgia and retro feel of the old movies I do love the more modern Bond.

And as a graphic designer I would have to bring up those famous Jame Bond opening credit sequences that usually involve some kind of naked woman shadow writhing around and a really catchy tune. The best by far being the one from Casino Royale. I'm pretty sure we actually studied the opening for the movie in one of my design classes about motion graphic design. That was a good day.

So are you a fan of the Bond series? Which ones do you love?


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday's Wednesday Wisdom

She's really good at judging.

To check out Wednesday and find how she got this sweet gig and a name of the week name
Go here.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Dump

(Just a few things on my mind on this Monday Morning)

- I'm glad the "So Me" "So Not Me" post was so popular. Now I just need to come up with more interesting posts like that. No pressure :)

- Had a FANTASTIC weekend with my sister, bummed that she had to take her toys and go back home yesterday.

-Our weather changed from nice early fall to cold fall over night. I like it though because it means I can start wearing these on a regular basis:

Did anyone else experience some big weather changes this weekend or just had a particularly good weekend?


Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Me, So NOT Me

I'm a visual kind of gal, most things make more sense to me when I see them rather then when I just hear it (with the exception of math which just never makes any sense to me). I had seen this self description once before and felt like giving it a shot.

So Me:


So NOT Me:


So Me:


So NOT Me:


So Me:


So NOT Me:


So Me:


So NOT Me:


So Me:

So NOT Me:


So Me:


So NOT Me:

In a lot of these cases it isn't that I HATE the "Not Me" things it's just more that I know myself and what I will do (yoga) and won't (weightlifting). I think high heels are really pretty but I know that if I wear a pair it will likely kill me feet, I will probably fall, I will complain A LOT.

Just keeping it real folks :)

So do you have any common favorites that I do or do you like one of my "Not Me's" and want to try convince me otherwise :)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday's Wednesday Wisdom

Stay close to the things that bring you happiness, like sitting on a warm Mac book.

Oh what's that? You want to see a close up of those sweet little kitty paws?

There you go

And if you are still wondering who this sassy cat is and how she got this sweet gig. Look no further then right here.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Dump Post

Monday Brain Dump Post

(Just a couple things that are on my mind...)

- Monday is just starting and I already have a headache. Kinda doubt that this will make the day better in anyway so it would be great if it would just go away.

- All 4 of my NFL teams for the family football pool that I'm in lost yesterday. I'm pretty much over all my teams already. Except for the Packers who are doing AWESOME and I will see in person (yay!) in the very near future. Of course I didn't pick them for the family pool.

- My sister comes to visit this week. Unfortunately the weather doesn't look like it is going to cooperate and give her the easy breezy cool weather that she was hoping for. It's the end of September and I'm dealing with temps close to the 90's. If I wanted that I could just be in Florida.

- My husband is a rock star that gets things done when it comes to dealing with customer service and those phone calls that no one likes to make. Glad that he's mine.

- I'm really notorious for falling asleep during movies but because my body was fighting some kind of bug Friday night I was wide awake and ended up staying awake for To Paris With Love and Repo Men. I finally stay awake through not one but two movies and they both were bad. Really bad.

- Saw a grocery cart with a boot on it (the kind the towing company uses to prevent you from driving away). Not even sure where to go with that statement but felt like it was way too unique to not share.

What is going on with you on this Monday?


Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 5 Friday

I 'm so glad it's Friday. When the hubby and I were surfing through the tv channels I was thinking about how few shows there are out right now that I really love. I'm totally addicted to Bravo shows but reality shows aren't the same as a good sitcom show. Which got me thinking about all the shows that I use to love and now miss.

Top 5 Favorite Shows That Are No More

5. Sunset Beach

I imagine that there are a lot of people that haven't seen this show before. I never really noticed how racy their opening title shot was until now. Anywho, Sunset Beach was a short lived soap opera (the only soap opera I ever watched) that I got addicted to one summer. It wasn't your typical soap opera show as they kind poked fun at them selves and even do a whole spoof based on the Scream movies. I was always kinda bummed that the only soap that wasn't "typical" got the boot.

4. Law & Order
The wounds are still fresh with this show being taken off the air just a couple months ago. I know it has been going for a long time but the way that they just cut the show off so abruptly with no plans of bringing it back was kind of crazy. Law & Order SVU is actually my favorite of the L&O series and I would cry big sloppy tears if they ever took my Stabler and Benson away from me.

*cue the Law & Order music*

3. Dharma and Greg

I really loved this show. While my husband and I are not totally opposites like this couple was and we knew each other a whole lot longer before we got married (Dharma and Greg got married on their first date) I feel like it's probably the closest tv example of our marriage. He's a structured, "plan on being spontaneous" kind of guy and she's a happy, yoga loving kind of girl.
Anyone remember the episode where Dharma became a football fan? LOVED IT. And don't EVEN get me started on their dogs, Stinky and Nunzio, and the fact that the dog had a dog as a pet. I really love this show.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I could never get into all the Twilight, New Moon, Team Jacob/Edward stuff because I will always be TEAM BUFFY. I pretty much wanted to grow up and be Buffy when I was in high school. I wouldn't say that I was a die-hard Buffy fan but it's no coincidence that I have the same number of piercings as Sarah Michelle Gellar and bought every magazine she was on in the late 90's and beginning of 2000. I'm just saying. I'm so not a scary movie type person but I still loved this show. I think there was an episode called "The Watchman" that was really scary but other then that it was just a whole lot of vampire and zombie butt kicking and teenage love and angst.

1. Felicity
The whole reason that I wanted to be an RA in college was because of this show and I guess more specifically because of Noel Crane. Everything about this show was so perfect. I loved and hung on every single moment of it. I think that I was mostly cheering for Felicity to get with Ben but about half way through the series I became Team Noel. So many things that I loved about this show, the music, the "Dear Julie" taped letters (did we ever find out who Julie was? I forget) Javier and Dean and Deluca and of course the year that Felicity shaved off all her amazing curly hair. I had a friend that stopped watching the show after that. I could never stop watching.

So that's my trip down tv shows of the past. What shows are you missing?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's Wednesday Wisdom

And if you are wondering who is this cat and why does she have a special day? Click here.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Dump Post

Brain Dump Post
(Just some stuff that is on my mind right now...)

  • I realized late on Wednesday that I forgot the Wednesday's Wednesday Wisdom post. The whole 3 day weekend thing threw me off. I will not deprive you of her cuteness this week. She promises to be extra cute for this post.
  • I'm trying to start a second Etsy shop that will mainly be focused on design (logos, brand development) since graphic design is my real career and I love doing creative design. Getting up the focus and energy to pull that new shop together has been......challenging.
  • My sister is coming to visit next week. I'm giddy excited. Shopping and cupcakes and pumpkin spice lattes, OH MY.
  • I hate the Wizard of Oz and don't know why I quote it.
  • I need to learn some moderation. When I get excited about something I get REALLY REALLY excited and burn white hot about it but can't usually sustain that level of obsession interest. See the bullet above about my Etsy design shop.
  • The Halloween decorations are going up next weekend. Boo-yah!

Got anything to brain dump this week?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tear Jerkers

I use to be a tough girl, or at least I think I was tough compared to the mushball that I have become lately. I don't cry over Kleenex commercials ( I do cry over Publix commercials but that is because I DESPERATELY miss my grocery store) but I have turned into a big ol' sappy girl.

And sometimes I kinda love it.

Here are a few of my guaranteed movies that are bound to have me searching for a tissue and and a comfy shoulder to hug.

Marley And Me

He looks so innocent and sweet in that picture, right? WRONG! I don't think I have ever cried so hard during a movie then I did when we watched this one. Big, heart wrenching, sloppy tears. Thank goodness we were at home (BFF tipped me off NOT to see it in the theater for this reason). MAJOR tear jerker.

The Lion King

The first time I ever found myself sniffling through a movie was this one. I just couldn't help it, poor little lion cub watches his dad die and then you have Jonathan Taylor Thomas (remember him!!??) and his pre-pubescent voice crackling "Dad?? Dadddd???" Just gets me.


Disney is doing a number on me. The thing that was amazing to me about Up (which I LOVED) was how they were able to make me cry without using any words. Really incredible. I don't think Pixar can do anything wrong though...(Hello! They are partnered with Apple!).

The Notebook

I think this is a pretty classic girl cry movie but that is part of it's great appeal and it never seems to get old. Which is why I always have to STOP and watch it every time it is on the Oxygen channel which is approximately once a month. Just ask my husband, I'm sure he's counting.

Steel Magnolias

Big hair and even bigger tears. It also gives me lots of big laughs which makes it the perfect trifecta for a girly movie.


Both of these movies give me a big lump in the throat and a few sniffles. Now if I made a list of my Top5 -10 movies of all time you would see a lot of these movies on that list. I guess I just love being a big mushball :)

What movies make you reach for a tissue? Do you like sob-fest movies?


Friday, September 3, 2010

Football Season: Gator Style

Being a landlocked Florida Gator fan comes with its challenges. Being far away from The Swamp (Ben Griffin Stadium) means crossing your fingers come Saturdays in the fall that they are playing Florida football games all the way out here in the midwest. It also means representin' for you team on Fridays and your clothes not matching anyone in your office. That doesn't happen back in Gainesville. Everyone is wearing their blue and orange finery on Friday and Saturday and maybe even Sunday if it was a REALLY good game. College football in the South is practically a religion.

And you must dress accordingly.

I introduce to you the Southern Girls Football Season Uniform. Let's begin shall we?

1. Wear chic, attractive clothing in your schools colors.

Orange and blue baby

2. Skirts and dresses are preferred, don't forget your cute coordinating accessories.

3. Got your pearls? Original and team color appropriate

4. And then there is the hair and that means lots of hair spray and "The Poof" (NOT to be confused with Snooki from Jersey Shore's poof).

Poof in progress:

The higher the hair the closer we are to scoring a touchdown right?

5. The final addition to the outfit? A hot Gator hubby that is showing his pride the day before a game too.