Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lucy 3 Months Old

This post is really late, the 4 month post will be up soon!

Dear Lucy, 
These months just keep flying by! So much has happened this month that I can't keep up with you! I'm sure that as you get bigger that trend will continue more and more! 

Since you turned 3 months old you have done a lot of traveling. You went to Florida to see family and for your baptism. You went to North Carolina for a conference for Daddy's work and then to Murphy to see Nana and Gpa. You have been on the go all month!

You continue to grow and grow. Your appointments are always good and you always have grown and continue to be in a very healthy range for height and weight. 

This month you started waking and wanting to check out the world more and that means much less sleep. This month has been a little crazy because of your lack of sleep but I know that you are just too excited to check out the world to be bothered with sleeping. 

Your first big holiday came this month, we celebrated Thanksgiving with your Mimi and Papa who came to visit. Maybe next year you can actually have a little bit of turkey! 

You are such a happy girl and have such a wonderful smile that even on the rough days you can always make it better with your wonderful little giggle. We love you so much little girl and look forward to every new discovery and day with you!