Thursday, October 28, 2010

A visit to my desk at lunch time

Taking a break from all the Halloween hoop la for a second and focus on another issue.

Yesterday as I was eating lunch at my work desk it kind of dawned on me just how much I have bought into and have changed my eating to a more clean and healthier one.

This is my desk at lunch:

And the break down:

The miracle green juice is my newest healthy food venture and I am so in love with it. It's sooo good. It looks weird, which I kinda like, and it tastes great. I just need to learn how to make it myself. Loving the Larabars too. It sounds like my name and its very simple in ingredients. Plus I won a contest they were having and I got a Larabar prize pack and t-shirt. Yep, that is all it takes to seal my loyalty people. A cute t-shirt.

Pretty healthy lunch there, no? I always ate pretty healthy my whole life. My mom probably hasn't been in a McDonalds for food (besides an occasional fish sandwich during Lent) in well over a decade. Her healthy food perspective kept me away from a lot of junk food. Then there was college where I was stuck with the foods put in front of me from the cafeteria. I'm pretty sure I lost weight during that time instead of gaining the freshman 15 and I think my parents were actually concerned about me being underfed.

And then I graduate and moved out to my own place. And things started to change a bit. I was living near the love of my life and then we got married. And I think I found a little "happy fat" along the way. Life was good and comfortable and so was the food and couch time :)

I'm not trying to shed a crazy amount of weight, I just want to feel healthy. It amazes me how after a hard work out you just don't want junk food at all. It doesn't seem appealing in the slightest bit. Maybe because your body is moving away from that or maybe because you just don't want to imagine how much harder you will have to work to burn it off :)

I have to be careful not to get too extreme since this is a part of my personality that has a tendency to come out in a lot of areas in my life.


The voice in my head sounds an awful lot like Bravo's Jackie Warner which at times is great but at other times makes me feel like I can't do enough. It's all a balance.

How do you maintain a healthy balance? Are you totally upset that I'm talking about veggies and health foods during the biggest candy week of the year? :)



  1. I try to listen to my body and feed it what it wants but it can be challenging at times! I know how hard it can be especially once you get married but my husband has actually changed his eating habits sustantially!! I'm so proud! Jacki Warner is insane. What does "eating clean" even mean? haha I hate that term bc immediately it makes me feel negative and restrictive which nothing good can come of!

  2. @TheHealthyapron

    Thanks for your input! I was a huge fan of Jackie's first show but I have to admit that after watching her new show "Thintervention" I felt like she had such high expectations and demands that I couldn't keep up with her. I'm an all or nothing kind of person so striving for balance will probably always be a challenge for me.

  3. i always need to eat better and be healthier. seeing what you're doing is encouraging to me.. i have no answers, but good luck my dear! looks like you're doing great so far :]

  4. @yours truly dear

    I'm glad that I'm encouraging you! Just start slow and tackle things one at a time. You can always do better at making changes when you aim to improve one area first and then to another instead of changing everything at the same time.

    I'm someone that tries to tackle everything at once so I've learned this one the hard way MANY times.

  5. I love how you labeled the picture of your desk picnic! "hotties" is my favorite title:)

    I don't know anything about this Jackie Warner person but by the looks of her things are a little extreme. I just want to mail her a cookie or something.

  6. @Joslyn

    Ha! I love the idea of giving her a cookie, especially since during her newest show she basically told her client that cookies were the devil.

  7. The "hotties" thing made me laugh too! :-D I won a t-shirt from Venus razors once. I was the envy of all my high school basketball team when I wore it to practices.

    And yeah... considering that Jackie is a woman who actually has abs...

    I turned your brother on to Naked Juice. We like the Green Machine one the best :-)

  8. @-Kinsi-

    I LOVE the Naked Juice Green Machine! By far my favorite one. Not a fan of the Protein Machine one, the gritty taste of the whey protein wasn't enjoyable to me.