Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Dump

Monday Morning Brain Dump

(just a couple things that are on my mind)

- We got a cold snap over night. Our temperatures dipped into the upper 30's. When I left for work this morning I wasn't wearing a jacket, just long pants long sleeve shirt and a long sleeve cardigan. When I checked the temperature and realized it was 41 I started to worry that the fact that I didn't run back into the apt the second I stepped outside means the Florida girl in me is disappearing.

-Had a great, long yoga work out yesterday. Wednesday likes to do yoga with me and her down dog is wayyy better then mine. Yes, I'm jealous.

- This whole year seems like it is moving by so fast. I'm not ready to start thinking about holidays (besides Halloween) and I need time to slow down just a bit for me.

- One of the main reasons that I love the month of October starts this week. Do you think you know what it might be?

What's on your mind this Monday morning?



  1. It's pretty chilly here too!!!

    You love October for the pumpkins? scary movies? breast cancer awareness month? idk!!????

  2. @Laury @The FitnessDish

    Nope, but those are all good guesses and reasons to like October. Except scary movies cause I'm a big chicken.

  3. Hi! Just found your site!Love the adorable title! Hmm you like october because...? no clue!

    I love october because I got married one year from this coming Sunday!

  4. @TheHealthyApron

    Happy 2nd anniversary and thanks for visiting!

  5. umm...i'm not very good at guessing. one of your favorite tv shows? homecoming? and lol about alabama. i dont really care for football but alabama is my husbands team (both his parents went there, his dad played for them in college, etc). so i support them haha. also, wednesday sounds very talented. jay-z doesnt do yoga, but then again...i dont either... haha