Monday, October 4, 2010

Time for a Commercial!

Time to interrupt all the witty blogging for a commercial!

This blog is an extension of my Etsy shop, Wonderland Papers.

My Etsy shop has been primarily based on wedding maps for save the dates, invitation suites and guest bags.

I love creating wedding maps and projects for my clients. The personal side, helping someone else achieve a creative goal, is my favorite part of the whole process.

Wedding Relationship Map - Reception Decor

Friendship Map - Bridesmaid Gift

College Campus Memory Map

Detailed Hand drawn map

Simple hand drawn map

I've started to branch my shop out and getting into logo and brand design for small businesses, photographers and fellow Etsy shops. All my work always starts as a hand drawn sketch before getting a boost from digital skills. It's a great balance of old skool drawing and new media.

Feel free to check out my shop! Wonderland Papers

Got any Etsy shops that you love?



  1. I'm so glad you commented on my blog - these are SO cute!!!

    I wanted to come back and comment and tell you that my boyfriend says my pumpkin pasta was the worst meal I ever made as well! So we're in the same boat! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. @Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    Ha ha! It sounds like we need to go have a talk with Rachael Ray.

    Thanks for checking out my site!

  3. i wish i knew of such things before my wedding haha. i could have had you do something totally cute and fancy. considering i didnt even know what wedding colors were until i got engaged and someone asked me...dont take it personally hahaha. :P

  4. @yours truly dear

    Truth be told, I didn't really make a wedding map for our OWN wedding. There was a very functional one but nothing like what I do now. I keep thinking I should make one for us and include other special moments and locations (we met and got married in the same town) but I just never find the time to do it because I'm making them for other people!

  5. I LOVE your work - so adorable!!!