Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Dump

Just a couple things floating around in my head on a Monday morning

- I can't believe that its Novemeber already. Blows my mind. This year has moved by so quickly.

- I always feel a little let down after Halloween is over. I love the Halloween period of time so much and now its kind of like limbo since I don't put up any new decorations for Thanksgiving and I don't take my Halloween ones down till after Thanksgiving.

- We have a special guest spending Thanksgiving with us this year so I'm really going to want to impress and should probably start thinking about our recipes now. Do you think someone from Jamaica would like Southern cooking?

- We've started our Christmas shopping, have you? Last year we had nearly everything done right after Halloween. It was nice not being stuck in the crazy malls with the tons and tons of people. I'm really not a fan of crowds. Unless its at Disney. Then I put up with just about anything.

Are you ready for the next round of holidays?



  1. I KNOW!!! It's CRAZY how time is flying!!! I am SOO ready for the holidays though, it's my fav time of year!!!

  2. seriously, i keep forgetting its november! strange.. and you are so smart about getting christmas presents ready already. i need to get better about that, because it causes stress when it's like 1-2 weeks before christmas and you're freaking out haha.

  3. @yours truly dear

    Once you get it done early you will never want to wait till the end to get it done again. Seriously great to have it all done.

    I think the holidays can feel really overwhelming and then it all goes by so fast that this helps me to get some balance :)