Thursday, October 14, 2010

Homecoming and Campus Memory Map

This weekend is the homecoming weekend at the University of Florida. I didn't go to UF ( I went to a little college called Florida Southern College, Go Mocs!) but I did work for UF and live in Gainesville for 4 years. My honey was in school there and I so I followed. I guess you could say I got my MRS degree when I was there :)

We won't be anywhere near Gainesville this homecoming weekend though, we are heading out of town and going even more north. UF always has a ton of great homecoming activities. It's a great school and a great college town.

One of the projects that I've done with my illustration design business was a campus memory map. The idea behind it was to capture all the characteristics and landmarks about the city that you went to college in along with the memories that are unique to your personal college experience.

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Did your college town have any special landmarks or land mark locations Any really great homecoming memories?



  1. my homecoming is approaching fast but I decided not to go this year! But man, did I have some good times at past celebrations! But it's kind of like vegas: what happens at homecoming, stays at homecoming...

  2. @missfitbliss

    Wow, that sounds like a pretty exciting homecoming!