Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashion Plates...or not

Did anyone else play with this great toy from the late 1970's-80's? I didn't have one but my older cousins did and of course when it belongs to your older, cooler cousins its like its sprinkled with some kind of "older kid" fairy dust and you get to be on their level when it gets handed down to you. Or maybe all of that just happens to me. Moving on...

I'm pretty sure that I didn't like this toy because it had anything to do with fashion, I know that my fashion etchings didn't come out looking ANYTHING like the model above. I think it had something to do with staying inside the lines. I had a problem with that. It's safe to say that fashion has never been a major priority in my life. Don't get me wrong I like pulling together a cute outfit and having everything "go together" perfectly, but for me this tends to be my exception instead of my rule. It's fun to get dressed up but when given the choice I'm always much more likely to be found in yoga pants or my rolled up jean capris and a long t-shirt and maybe a cardigan and always flip flops/sandals. I don't match my purses to my outfits. I wear the same pearl earrings almost every day. Why? Because its easy and I guess if it really mattered to me then I would take the time. My actions show that it doesn't.

Another issue that I have with fashion comes down to those price tags and more specifically those name brand label tags. I'm a pretty firm believer that we don't dress for ourselves or even the men or significant others in our lives. Women dress for other women (and gay men's) approval. Anyone else with me on this? This may not always be the case but when name brands and new trends are involved I think this is most often the case. We seek the approval and recognition of our good taste in other women (our peers). People like to be accepted and like to be liked. Nothing wrong with that unless you start buying things you can't afford all to impress someone that you shouldn't have to work to impress in the first place. I gurantee that my husband will not be more impressed with a bebe skirt over a Target skirt if I look good in both of them. A lot of times the outfits that he compliments me on (and he does a good job of giving compliments freely and sweetly) are the outfits that I didn't really think were all that special. So much for being on top of the trends and InStyle magazine, right?

I admit that there are times when I do fall into this "dress to impress" trap, and I do think its a trap because it never feels good to be constantly trying to prove yourself to someone else, especially when in this case the proof of evidence involves plopping down loads of cash to be wearing the right jeans or the right shoes. I have a theory that a lot of this pressure comes from the crowd you are in. All my girl friends aren't the label/ brand name type. It's great when you get a good deal on it or get it as a gift but it's never been a requirement in our closests.

So where do you stand when it comes to fashion? What parts of fashion matter to you? Are you a fashionista?



  1. I used to love those fashion plates when I was little! And I totally agree with you that women dress for themselves and even MORESO for the approval of gay men;) Love the post!

  2. @Joslyn

    Glad you liked it! I didn't realize how messy my versions of the Fashion Plates were until I saw this picture and how neat inside the lines it was!

  3. Thanks for the congrats!
    And I totally had those fashion plates...but they always came out blurry!

    I couldn't agree more. My husband could care less if I am fashionably dressed. He says he loves when I wear sweat pants. So I have given up on paying for name brands. I go via ebay, target, h&m, etc.

  4. @Anna Liesemeyer

    I think its funny how growing up you "had" to go to the mall to get the "cool clothes" for school. I don't mind browsing through the mall from time to time but I much prefer just going to Target and getting it all done without the hunt from store to store and the boutique prices.

  5. i had those fashion plates and LOVED them!!! i kind of consider myself a fashionista, although if you look at fashion blogs i don't compare at all. but when i look cute and like what i'm wearing, i feel pretty good about myself. i'm not huge on brands. if i could afford them my whole closet would be marc jacobs, but i am very aware that is not the case. if i think it's cute, it passes my approval, no matter where i buy it from :]

  6. @yours truly dear

    I would say you are fashionista and the fact that you actually make cute clothes makes you...awesome :) And I'm all for the cute test.

    Ironically enough the Lands End canvas catalog came to my house today and if money was not an issue that would fill my closet.

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  8. I'll admit, I like to splurge every now and then. I think that's something that my dad put into my head- sometimes, you have to pay for quality. He took me shopping when I was little more than my mom, because we just sort of had the same taste.

    HOWEVER... sometimes, more $ does NOT mean better quality! I think we both recently had Banana Republic/J.Crew rants? Yeah... not good. I buy a lot of Old Navy and UO (but ALWAYS on sale), and if I "need" a new dress, more often than not, you'll find me at TJ Maxx or Ross.

    Nick mentioned that he would like a black cat if we ever get one... I will definitely be showing him that kitty picture for further approval ;-)