Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

So besides fall being the beginning of cooler weather, lots of yummy pumpkin flavored treats, pretty fall leaves and Halloween, it also means something else that makes me love the fall season like no other.


I love hockey. It's my favorite sport to watch. For people that might not know me too well this could seem like a head scratching kind of fact. Hockey is a pretty brutal, rough sport that is played in the cold weather and on skates. I'm a Florida girl (born and raised, which technically makes me a Florida Cracker) that isn't tough or aggressive at all and can't skate one little bit.

But I still love hockey.

And being from the unlikely hockey location of Florida my team is the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Wearing my Tampa Bay Lightning jersey

I could attribute my love of hockey to the fast paced nature of the game (the reason I'm generally bored with baseball is because it moves soooo slow) the fact that they can all skate really really well (have I mentioned that I can't skate at all? ) or maybe its because I am a pretty peaceful, laid back kind of gal and I live vicariously through all those hip checks.

I just like it. A LOT.

Apparently I love it so much that I have to point out Canada,
home of hockey, when I'm at Epcot.

I actually learned all the words to "O Canada" just because it seemed like something a hockey fan should probably know, sounds good, eh?

Cheesing it up at a Lightning game

While I am all about my team I get excited about all types of hockey. Including Olympic hockey and the amazing run that the American team made this past spring.

This was me during the gold medal game.
As you can see I was a little into the game.

I miss you Stanley (Cup), please come back soon!

So do you have a fall sport or just a sport in general that you are crazy about?



  1. We used to have a hockey team in Tallahassee! THAT was short-lived! Seven years, actually if I remember that correctly :-P But it was every kiddie's favorite thing to do on a week night.

    "You went to the Tiger Sharks' game last night??! No faaaair!"

    Yep- those were the days!

    I'm more of an all-around tennis gal now. I also like to watch/play bowling (which totally embarrasses Nick)- so mention it as much as you can the next time you see us ;-) Nothing beats the Olympics though!

  2. hahaha you're cute :] i like hockey too, but i'm not really *into* any sports. i like watching tennis with my husband, and sometimes i'll watch the red sox. when i lived in maine i used to go to hockey games and stuff...those were the days ;]

  3. @-Kinsi-

    I'm with you on the tennis. It's funny that Nick gets embarrassed by bowling.

  4. @yours truly dear

    I bet the games in Maine were a big deal!I married into a very sports involved family. Before that happened I really wasn't into sports at all.