Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Starting around the middle to end of September I start preparing for my favorite holiday. It all started with a little movie:

Yup, Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas made me LOVE Halloween. Before that I always kinda liked it but lets be honest, scary was never my cup of tea. I'm a total chicken. I can't even watch the Wizard of Oz without thinking about the nightmares that it gave me as a kid. But enough with the issues that should have me in therapy. Let's talk Halloween and my version of Halloweentown.

I love decorating for Halloween. I love the bright colors and the shabby chic Halloween decorations that focus more on harvest and autumnal colors then it does on bloody guts and gore.

My Halloween decorations mainly consist of bright orange pumpkins, black cats and Nightmare decorations.

My Nightmare Before Christmas shrine, complete with Halloween tree.

Besides being a quirky and unique story about the holidays and constantly starting conversations about whether or not its a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie (I think its both) it also happens to be great for double holiday decorating. Most of the decorations work for both holidays. Maximum effect, minimal effort. Always nice.

By the time it actually gets to Halloween the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is firmly on a constant rotation stuck in our heads (This is Halloween, this is Halloween..) we have to fight to keep little Miss Wednesday off the candy corn (told you she was a Halloween cat) and I have a great justification for all the candy I've been consuming.

The best Halloween decoration I could ever have.

Candy, color and some creepiness? Sounds like the perfect holiday to me.

Do you love Halloween? What's your favorite part?


  1. thats so funny because I was always the complete oppisite...the scarier the movie the better when I was a kid! Wizard of OZ was by far my favorite movie of all time (not because it was scary), but I know so many people who got freaked out by it! I really hope myy kids don't because I own it and am ready to start showing it to them right out of the womb, LOL

    I LOVE your decorations....especially the last one, def my favorite ;-)

  2. @Laury@The Fitness Dish

    Ha! We are total opposites.

    I think Wednesday was just waiting for me to stop taking pictures so that the second my back was turned she could start chewing on the pumpkin. Which she did.

  3. aww you're such a cutie with all the decor!! its funny because when we went through the haunted mansion i totally thought of you haha. it was fun :] i pretty much just like the candy. i dont like scary movies, so that's out the window. i wish we lived in a more residential areas so i could have little chilluns come trick or treating!!

  4. @yours truly dear

    Aww! Thanks for thinking of me. I have come to be known at the "Nightmare girl" (ha!) in my circle of friends and whenever someone sees something about it I get posts on my Facebook and email about whatever new thing they saw. Not a bad thing though, at least I'm not the stinky girl or something undesirable like that :)

  5. So cute! I always get into fall decorating! The holidays are the best:)