Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guilty As Charged

Fess up. You know that you do it. You know that you have them. What is it that I'm asking you to confess?

Guilty pleasures.

We all have one or two or as I'm about to reveal at least ten that I consider myself guilty of enjoying. Maybe you share some of mine or maybe I'm just putting myself out on an embarrassing limb. Let's find out, shall we?

10. Real Housewives of (Insert City Name Here)


It started with Orange County and then I got addicted to the New York City girls and found my future BFF and then there was Atlanta and New Jersey and on and on. And I've totally loved every minute of the watch what happens drama. Except for Washington DC and now Beverly Hills. Never watched either one of those. These girls are amazing one liner machines. I love the crazy and quirky things these women say. "Who gonna check me boo?" "Love love love!" "Holy Cat fight!"

9. Jimmy Buffett


It all started when we got our current vehicle and it had Sirius radio. And then I discovered Radio Margaritaville. I had heard Jimmy Buffett songs before, I mean how could I not coming from the Gulf Coast of Florida. I had visited the Margaritaville Cafe. I love margaritas. But once I had Jimmy (we have a first name kind of relationship now) crooning to me while I was cruising around St. Louis trying to avoid the potholes and crazy Midwest drivers it seemed like he calmed me in the situations that normally had me turning into Mr. Wheeler. Jimmy sells escapism and I'm totally buying in. He helped me remember and to have a piece of Florida and the Gulf Coast lifestyle that I miss.

8. Lists

I love lists, sometimes my lists have lists. It has gotten to the point where I write down everything that crosses my mind. I' starting to wonder if I'm making my memory muscle weak because of this.

7. Snuggie

Yup, I have a Snuggie. I was gifted my snuggie from my husband last year for Christmas. Bet you didn't know they made a Snuggie covered with an eyeball-less skeleton (aka Jack Skellington). The funny thing is my husband bought the Snuggie and then had to sit through a tirade of me talking about how DUMB Snuggies are and how POINTLESS they seem. Ha. The funny thing is that I love my Snuggie now even though I use it like a blanket and not like some weird cult robe.

6. Word Nerd

I wa
s in the English Honors class, it was the closest I came to being "gifted" so yea I'm going to brag. I like using big words and grammar phrases like "unclear antecedent". It drives me nuts when people say "I could care less". I make jokes with my husband about nouns and verbs. I think this all qualifies me as a word nerd.

5. Laundry


I love doing laundry. I love how easy it is. You put dirty things in, they come out smelling good and feeling good. Minimal effort on my part. How can you not like that? It's so easy and its hard not to feel efficient when you do laundy too. You start with piles and end up with neat and clean. It totally is feeding the OCD clean freak that lives inside of me.

4. MTV drama, True Life, 16 and Pregnant, etc etc

I don't love MTV. I use to watch all the Real World Somewhere and Real World/ Road Rules Challenge shows. The thing that gets me addicted to MTV now are the more realistic documentary type shows that are basically focused on people with some kind of problem/dilema/ issue in their life and how they deal with it. True Life I'm A Southern Belle is practically memorized at this point. I find Maci on 16 and Pregnant to be really cute. The True Life episode about the couple with trust issues and then he eneded up DYING of a stomach issue had me sobbing and paranoid at the same time. I general I find it really fascinating to watch how people choose to deal with the things that life throws at them.

3. Lolcats


Wikipedia describes lolcats as “a photo of a cat with a caption characteristically formatted in a sans serif font [...] The caption is intentionally written with deviations from standard English spelling and syntax featuring “strangely-conjugated verbs, but tend to converge to a new set of rules in spelling and grammar.”

So is there really any question why I find this humorous?

2. Movies that make me cry


Sometimes it just really feels good to watch a movie that you know is going to have you reaching for the tissues and a shoulder to cuddle with. A good cry can be better then ice cream or cookies and milk. And better for your waistline too. I can only think of one movie that made me cry that wouldn't make for a "good cry" movie and it involves a little yellow lab and rhymes with "Shmarley and be". Yea, no more of that.

1. Cheetos


"The cheese that goes CRUNCH!" Yup, Cheetos. 0 nutritional value, orange powder left on your fingers to mark your guilty indulgence. But this guilty pleasure gets even better (worse?). I'm not the only one digging the Chester Cheetah. So does Wednesday. You see my guilty pleasure isn't just cheese powder. What do you do after having a few Cheetos and your fingers are all covered in orange? In my case you let the little kitty lick it off. Rough sand paper tongue and little black face now covered with orange dots.

Gross? Maybe. But how do you say NO to a face like this?

And then I wash my hands. :)

So spill it! What kind of guilty pleasures do you have? No judging, we're all friends here.



  1. I was brainstorming a post just like this, and had planned on titling it the same as well!

    I'm so with you on the MTV documentary-style shows. I love documentaries of any kind, so I get sucked into those MTV shows all the time. Some of those True Life episodes are really good! I also liked the one episode I watched of "If You Really Knew Me," but I haven't seen any more yet. I also admit that The Hills is a HUGE guilty pleasure, but I miss Lauren Conrad and will probably watch her new MTV show.

  2. guilty of so many!! haha. we love the real housewives. "PROSTITUTION WHORE!!!" hahaha. i love lists. josh hogs the snuggie so i wouldn't quite know about that but i do like it. and mtv shows--true life is my favorite. 16 and pregnant is a classic, as is teen mom. love it. and that is cute that your kitty licks the cheese off haha. i dont think we've tried that with jay-z haha, although he will nibble at slim jims when josh has them. others of my guilty pleasures are: wendy williams (crazy diva!), oxygen shows (bad girls club, snapped, etc), reading on the toilet, etc. hahaha :P

  3. From one English nerd to another: language humor is ALWAYS appropriate, and NEVER guilty- just pleasurable. But maybe our husbands would disagree... ;-P

    I have been known to watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette. In fact, it was kind of a summertime ritual for me. I'd go over to a girlfriend's house and we'd eat chocolate-covered whatever and watch The Bachelorette and True Beauty.

    Here's a guilty pleasure: I love McDonald's. Their iced mochas, anyway. Whenever I had a really rough day my senior year of college, I'd go buy one and get a little bit of instant gratification.

    This is your bro's and my favorite LOLCats: