Friday, November 19, 2010

Easily Entertained

The blog post title kinda says it all. I'm easily entertained. And I'm about to give you some examples. My top 3 favorite YouTube videos. I've watched each one over and over again and they never cease to make me smile.

The Standing Cat

The Two Talking Cats

If you are just starting to catch on that I have a semi-unhealthy fasicanation that is easily tickled by cats you haven't read this blog long enough. My goodness, my cat has its on feature on this blog even!

Weezer- Gone Fishin'

I really really love this music video. I just find myself wondering about who I'm more jealous of. The fact that Weezer got to jam with the Muppets or the fact that the Muppets are in a Weezer video. Either way, I really love it.

So what YouTube videos always get a smile out of you?



  1. omg those cat videos are awesome!! the first one is crazy and the second one is cute. and that is a very good music video :] i like the youtube video where charlie bites his brothers finger haha. their little british accents crack me up every time!

  2. We saw that first one on TV the other day- and the second one just pulls at my heartstrings! My goodness I want a pet so bad!

    My favorite YouTube video? Probably this:

    I'll take Nick, but I wouldn't face this man in a dance-off. I'd be worried about injuries.