Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrity BFF

Do you ever see an actor/actress or tv or in a music video and just wish that you could be best friends? BFF's. Maybe it would be because they have an awesome wardrobe that you would love to steal borrow from. Or maybe they just have the type of life that you've always wanted. In my case my celebrity BFF is someone that I know that would keep me laughing while also keeping it real.

I want Bethenney Frankel to be my BFF.

For those who may not be as addicted to Bravo as I am, Bethenny is from the reality tv show the Real Housewives of New York City. She became really popular from that show and then launched a whole line of products that related to her career of healthy eating and lifestyle. She also had a spin off show on Bravo called Bethenny Getting Married.


I've come to find that a lot of people either love her or hate her. She's a strong personality so I can understand that but I think she's hilarious. I love her one liners and her very dry sense of humor. I tend to have a dry sense of sarcasm myself so I find myself repeating her one-liners like a little parrot. Holy Catfight!


She has her own thriving business which is inspirational to me. I love people that have a passion and go forward with it in full drive. I'm very drawn to people who have big goals and are always moving forward.

I have her yoga DVD which is a really great work out. If only I was able to work out with her in person! Of course I probably would get a lot more work out benefits this way without that distraction.



I love her sense of style. She always looks put together, doesn't try to hard and more then anything would prefer to be in her pj's. That sounds like my idea of good fashion sense.


I haven't tried her Skinnygirl margaritas yet but as to date I haven't met a margarita that I didn't like so I foresee only good things when I finally do get my hands on a bottle.

Whip smart come backs, a great healthy perspective on food and exercise and some strong entrepreneurial motivations all sound like things I would look for in a potential BFF. Call me Bethenny!

So who would you want your celebrity BFF to be? Think you have a lot in common or is it an opposites attract situation?


  1. mine would be zooey deschanel of course :] altho this girl seems pretty sassy/smart! i need to watch the real housewives of NYC, i really just watched DC and new jersey.

  2. @yours truly dear

    I think you would really like her sense of humor and attitude. She's a handful but seems very down to earth.

    I never watched the Real Housewives of DC, but I did watch New Jersey. Such a guilty pleasure.