Friday, November 12, 2010

Preparing for Turkey Day

I don't know why it is but lately I seem to be behind on keeping track of where this year is going. Everytime I look at the calendar it seems like things that were planned far in advance are inching their way closer to present day then I expected. Take Thanksgiving for example. I thought for sure I had a good 3 weeks to just think about it before having to spring into action.


Last year the husband and I spent our first Thanksgiving away from our families but with each other. We watched some Food Network shows to prepare us on how to cook a turkey and we had a really nice Thanksgiving meal.

This year we are having a guest at our Thanksgiving dinner which is pretty exciting. We both like to entertain guests and this is a great excuse to roll out the hostess skills.


And since she isn't coming to cook my Thanksgiving dinner then it sounds like I have some planning to do.

I used Paula Deen's recipe for Pumpkin Pie last year and was really happy how it turned out. For one reason because it turned out 2 pumpkin pies. And 2 is wayyy better then one in this case.

Last year I was pretty much new to everything about making Thanksgiving dinner. This year I'm thinking about taking it a step further and trying something a bit more challenging.

For starters I'm thinking about making my pie crust from scratch. I'm also thinking about trying a 2nd pie for dessert. Here is the issue. I have never tried to make pie crust from scratch before and I have no idea what the second pie should be. I don't want to make apple pie because I don't really like it. And since I'm the baker I can make rules like that.

So what should my 2nd pie be? Any tips on making pie crust?



  1. I have a GREAT pie recipe at home--- but we won't be back to our place until the day before Thanksgiving. I just found it by looking online and reading the reviews for recipes. Easy enough.

    I understand that they key for a nice, flaky crust is to keep all of your ingredients cold- helps it get nice and crumbly when you mix 'em up, and non-sticky once you roll. Let it sit in the fridge after mixing, and rest a bit after you take it out to roll.

    I guess the other Thanksgiving pie I think of is pecan- but I say go with a berry pie. You can purchase the berries frozen for a fraction of the cost, but the results should be nearly as good- just make sure you let those berries defrost first. Plus, you can play with lattice work with a fruit pie! (I'm not a huge fan of apple either)

    Let us know how all of your tasty pastries turn out!! :-)

  2. The best homemade pie crust I have ever had is from here:

    Make it 2 days early and put it in your freezer for the perfect flakey crust.