Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tear Jerkers

I use to be a tough girl, or at least I think I was tough compared to the mushball that I have become lately. I don't cry over Kleenex commercials ( I do cry over Publix commercials but that is because I DESPERATELY miss my grocery store) but I have turned into a big ol' sappy girl.

And sometimes I kinda love it.

Here are a few of my guaranteed movies that are bound to have me searching for a tissue and and a comfy shoulder to hug.

Marley And Me

He looks so innocent and sweet in that picture, right? WRONG! I don't think I have ever cried so hard during a movie then I did when we watched this one. Big, heart wrenching, sloppy tears. Thank goodness we were at home (BFF tipped me off NOT to see it in the theater for this reason). MAJOR tear jerker.

The Lion King

The first time I ever found myself sniffling through a movie was this one. I just couldn't help it, poor little lion cub watches his dad die and then you have Jonathan Taylor Thomas (remember him!!??) and his pre-pubescent voice crackling "Dad?? Dadddd???" Just gets me.


Disney is doing a number on me. The thing that was amazing to me about Up (which I LOVED) was how they were able to make me cry without using any words. Really incredible. I don't think Pixar can do anything wrong though...(Hello! They are partnered with Apple!).

The Notebook

I think this is a pretty classic girl cry movie but that is part of it's great appeal and it never seems to get old. Which is why I always have to STOP and watch it every time it is on the Oxygen channel which is approximately once a month. Just ask my husband, I'm sure he's counting.

Steel Magnolias

Big hair and even bigger tears. It also gives me lots of big laughs which makes it the perfect trifecta for a girly movie.


Both of these movies give me a big lump in the throat and a few sniffles. Now if I made a list of my Top5 -10 movies of all time you would see a lot of these movies on that list. I guess I just love being a big mushball :)

What movies make you reach for a tissue? Do you like sob-fest movies?



  1. oh my gosh i cry all the time in movies. gran tarino basically makes me sob at the end. have you seen that one? i hate crying, but i do like a good movie :]

  2. Nick and I are both convinced that Pixar is just out to make us all cry now! I lost it at "Up" and cried BOTH times (during different parts) that I saw "Toy Story 3"... oh my.

  3. @yours truly dear

    I did see Gran Torino, I don't remember if I cried but I remember it being very powerful! Harry Brown is like the British version of the movie IMO.

  4. @Kinsi

    So Toy Story 3 is a tear jerker too? I haven't even got to Toy Story 2 yet, which I've also heard will make you shed a few tears. So many tissues in my future.

  5. hahaha. cute. yeah i loved gran torino, definitely very powerful. also, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. i really appreciate it my dear ♥

  6. I think Whale Rider made me cry more than any movie ever!