Wednesday, August 25, 2010


And now for a new feature!

Every Wednesday I will have a Wednesday's Wednesday Wisdom post to get you through your Hump Day! Wednesday is of course the middle of the work week and also happens to be my lovely little furbaby. So now each Wednesday there will be a cute little furry picture and some witty knowledge to go along with it. It's like a balanced meal of cuteness + smarts :) And now, to introduce my Wednesday.

Hi, my name is Wednesday. Even though I have half a million nicknames from my momma who likes to call me "monkey" "Princess Sassy Pants" and "Dubs" just to name a few. And that really is only the tip of the iceberg. Seriously.

Yes, I am named after Wednesday Addams. Adams was my momma's maiden name and we came together right around Halloween so it all seemed to fit. Do you think I look like a Halloween cat?
I love kitty party mix, being scratched under my chin and giving my momma the "Puss in Boots look" at 3AM when I want some lovin'.

Lovin', please.

I also love candy corn and coffee (REALLY LOVE coffee).

My job around these parts involves protecting this house from would be invader squirrels and birds. I take my job VERY seriously. I've heard that we live on the 2nd floor in a rock solid building in the middle of a big city but I don't think that is any reason to let my guard down. Danger is OUT there.

My other hobbies include playing with milk rings (skim milk preferred) and policing The Dog,

Spooning with my momma,

and occasionally taking over for the Easter bunny,

Hope you enjoy Wednesday's Wednesday Wisdom!



  1. what a pretty kitty! i love all the cute pictures :] does she get along with your dog well?

  2. @yours truly dear

    She does pretty well with him. Much better then I ever thought that she would. In fact they get along a little TOO WELL at times, and we have to break up the make out sessions from time to time.

  3. oh my gosh i just died of cuteness! what an adorable kitty :)

  4. hahaha makeout sessions. love it. we want to get a dog, but we need our own place