Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 5 Friday

I 'm so glad it's Friday. When the hubby and I were surfing through the tv channels I was thinking about how few shows there are out right now that I really love. I'm totally addicted to Bravo shows but reality shows aren't the same as a good sitcom show. Which got me thinking about all the shows that I use to love and now miss.

Top 5 Favorite Shows That Are No More

5. Sunset Beach

I imagine that there are a lot of people that haven't seen this show before. I never really noticed how racy their opening title shot was until now. Anywho, Sunset Beach was a short lived soap opera (the only soap opera I ever watched) that I got addicted to one summer. It wasn't your typical soap opera show as they kind poked fun at them selves and even do a whole spoof based on the Scream movies. I was always kinda bummed that the only soap that wasn't "typical" got the boot.

4. Law & Order
The wounds are still fresh with this show being taken off the air just a couple months ago. I know it has been going for a long time but the way that they just cut the show off so abruptly with no plans of bringing it back was kind of crazy. Law & Order SVU is actually my favorite of the L&O series and I would cry big sloppy tears if they ever took my Stabler and Benson away from me.

*cue the Law & Order music*

3. Dharma and Greg

I really loved this show. While my husband and I are not totally opposites like this couple was and we knew each other a whole lot longer before we got married (Dharma and Greg got married on their first date) I feel like it's probably the closest tv example of our marriage. He's a structured, "plan on being spontaneous" kind of guy and she's a happy, yoga loving kind of girl.
Anyone remember the episode where Dharma became a football fan? LOVED IT. And don't EVEN get me started on their dogs, Stinky and Nunzio, and the fact that the dog had a dog as a pet. I really love this show.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I could never get into all the Twilight, New Moon, Team Jacob/Edward stuff because I will always be TEAM BUFFY. I pretty much wanted to grow up and be Buffy when I was in high school. I wouldn't say that I was a die-hard Buffy fan but it's no coincidence that I have the same number of piercings as Sarah Michelle Gellar and bought every magazine she was on in the late 90's and beginning of 2000. I'm just saying. I'm so not a scary movie type person but I still loved this show. I think there was an episode called "The Watchman" that was really scary but other then that it was just a whole lot of vampire and zombie butt kicking and teenage love and angst.

1. Felicity
The whole reason that I wanted to be an RA in college was because of this show and I guess more specifically because of Noel Crane. Everything about this show was so perfect. I loved and hung on every single moment of it. I think that I was mostly cheering for Felicity to get with Ben but about half way through the series I became Team Noel. So many things that I loved about this show, the music, the "Dear Julie" taped letters (did we ever find out who Julie was? I forget) Javier and Dean and Deluca and of course the year that Felicity shaved off all her amazing curly hair. I had a friend that stopped watching the show after that. I could never stop watching.

So that's my trip down tv shows of the past. What shows are you missing?


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  1. Pretty funny it's TV show friday ;-) some of the shows I didn't post that I love were Saved By the Bell, Silver Spoons, Dawsons Creek and Blosson