Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Dump Post

Brain Dump Post
(Just some stuff that is on my mind right now...)

  • I realized late on Wednesday that I forgot the Wednesday's Wednesday Wisdom post. The whole 3 day weekend thing threw me off. I will not deprive you of her cuteness this week. She promises to be extra cute for this post.
  • I'm trying to start a second Etsy shop that will mainly be focused on design (logos, brand development) since graphic design is my real career and I love doing creative design. Getting up the focus and energy to pull that new shop together has been......challenging.
  • My sister is coming to visit next week. I'm giddy excited. Shopping and cupcakes and pumpkin spice lattes, OH MY.
  • I hate the Wizard of Oz and don't know why I quote it.
  • I need to learn some moderation. When I get excited about something I get REALLY REALLY excited and burn white hot about it but can't usually sustain that level of obsession interest. See the bullet above about my Etsy design shop.
  • The Halloween decorations are going up next weekend. Boo-yah!

Got anything to brain dump this week?