Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Dump Post

Monday Brain Dump Post

(Just a couple things that are on my mind...)

- Monday is just starting and I already have a headache. Kinda doubt that this will make the day better in anyway so it would be great if it would just go away.

- All 4 of my NFL teams for the family football pool that I'm in lost yesterday. I'm pretty much over all my teams already. Except for the Packers who are doing AWESOME and I will see in person (yay!) in the very near future. Of course I didn't pick them for the family pool.

- My sister comes to visit this week. Unfortunately the weather doesn't look like it is going to cooperate and give her the easy breezy cool weather that she was hoping for. It's the end of September and I'm dealing with temps close to the 90's. If I wanted that I could just be in Florida.

- My husband is a rock star that gets things done when it comes to dealing with customer service and those phone calls that no one likes to make. Glad that he's mine.

- I'm really notorious for falling asleep during movies but because my body was fighting some kind of bug Friday night I was wide awake and ended up staying awake for To Paris With Love and Repo Men. I finally stay awake through not one but two movies and they both were bad. Really bad.

- Saw a grocery cart with a boot on it (the kind the towing company uses to prevent you from driving away). Not even sure where to go with that statement but felt like it was way too unique to not share.

What is going on with you on this Monday?



  1. My husband had a bad day in both his fantasy football leagues yesterday--was a bad day for football.

    I hope the weather gets better for your weekend with your sis! It's only Monday--it always changes!!

  2. i hate watching bad movies. but a part of you wants to finish it in hopes that it will get better. that's kind of funny you stayed awake haha. i hope the weather cheers up for you guys, have fun with your sister!!

  3. @yours truly dear

    It seems like lately we just keep coming across bad movie after bad movie. My husband couldn't believe that THIS was the time that I actually stayed awake. I guess a crazy John Travolta with bad facial hair can do that to you :)

  4. ahahahaha. gotta love travolta with bad facial hair. sexy.