Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bond, James Bond

Confession time, when it comes to movie series (multiple movies under one name) it isn't really something I find myself interested in. I've never seen the Star War series (I think I've seen part of one movie) haven't watched any of the Matrix movies, I begrudgingly was made to watch the Lord of The Rings movies and while I've seen all of the Indiana Jones movies, at least I think I've seen them all, I obviously can't really tell you all the names or what they are about. There is one movie series that I do love, and I love all the corny lines, over the top gadgets and cheekiness.

I love the James Bond movie series.

I don't know what exactly it is about the series that makes me love it so much but I certainly do. A sweet ride of a car, funky new gadgets, corny one liners that I can't help but love and repeat, sassy and sexy she-spys and one dashing bow tied gentleman that never breaks a sweat (unless your the new Bond). I must admit that while I don't aspire to be an actress if given the offer to be a Bond girl I would jump at the chance. As much as I love the series on the whole I do have some favorites.

Favorite Bond Movie:

Love this one for a bunch of reasons including all the old Vegas scenes, the really catchy opening song and a fiery little red head.

Which brings me to my favorite Bond girl:

Tiffany Case, played by Jill St. John

Even though I did one of those "Which Bond girl are you?" tests (I already told you I loved this series, does that surprise you?) and they said I was her:

Pam Bouvier played by Carey Lowell in License to Kill

I think it should probably go without saying that my favorite James Bond actor is the original, the one and only:

I also love this and wonder where I might find one of my own:

I really love "Live and Let Die" especially the voo doo part. Even if there are snakes involved. Major fear of snakes. MAJOR.

As much as I love the nostalgia and retro feel of the old movies I do love the more modern Bond.

And as a graphic designer I would have to bring up those famous Jame Bond opening credit sequences that usually involve some kind of naked woman shadow writhing around and a really catchy tune. The best by far being the one from Casino Royale. I'm pretty sure we actually studied the opening for the movie in one of my design classes about motion graphic design. That was a good day.

So are you a fan of the Bond series? Which ones do you love?



  1. The opening sequence is really the only piece of the Bond series I've ever sat down and watched. Saw it on TV once, thought it was pretty nifty.

    I'm not sure if you can say I've ever seen LOTR either, really- since I slept through at least half of every movie ;-)

    But I, ma'am, am a Rocky series kind of lady! Can't say much for Rambo and Stallone's other work, and some of the Rocky movies are mostly awful... but #1 and #4- GREAT stuff :-)

  2. @Kinsi

    I also fell asleep during the first LOTR movie (actually I've fallen asleep during all of them I think). The first movie I fell asleep and when I woke up it was the end of the movie and the group was down to 2 people and I realized I might have missed something important. John made me start back at the beginning the next time we watched it only to realize I had only missed maybe 10 min of the ending of the movie.

  3. would you believe I NEVER saw a Bond movie??? I am a deprived child, lol. Everyone is obsessed with them though!!!

    Thanks so much for the sweet words today, they made me smile :-)

  4. @Laury@The Fitness Dish

    Crazy! I guess if you start feeling a little funky or overwhelmed in the next couple months you know of a great series you can chill and check out!

  5. The movies are great fun, no doubt. But read the original Ian Fleming 007 novels- they're so good that you'll soon forget all about Mr. Connery...