Sunday, August 22, 2010

Soulard Farmer's Market

This weekend my hubby and I went to visit the Soulard Farmer's Market. It is a huge farmer's market that is pretty famous in this area. Once we got there we wondered why it took so long for us to check it out.

It was very busy

Soulard is a part of the city that has a New Orleans, French quarter influence. It is home to the second largest Mardi Gras party in the US each year. They have some New Orleans type food. Like heaven on a plate, sprinkled with powder sugar:


Love love love

Hubby was excited about his spicy Polish dog, not as excited about lugging around a watermelon.

Doesn't he look excited? :)

I was excited about this. The sign said that it was "real" Margaritaville mix.

Right up my alley.

Only person that drinks a margarita with her pinky up.

Our loot!

The market is open all year long, I'm interested in seeing what kind of produce and goods are available as it gets closer to fall.

Ever been to a really unique farmer's market? What was your favorite part?



  1. That farmers market looks awesome!!! I loooved New Orleans, and it's so cool that the market has that whole feel to it :-)

  2. dang gina, you guys got a lot! our farmers market doesn't even have that kind of variety haha. or maybe it does because i just linger around the fry bread... btw you look cute, lady!

  3. @Laury@TheFitnessDish

    I would love to visit New Orleans, this is my little slice for now.