Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

(Sidenote: Does anyone else automatically get Adam Sandler singing "Back to School" stuck in their head from just reading the title? If so, sorry :)

Going back to school my favorite part of the whole getting ready process wasn't the clothes, I'm not what you would call a fashionista, it was always the school suppiles. Even now I get a rosy glow just thinking about brand new Sharpie markers, clean folders and freshly sharpened pencils.

When I was in school (yes it was a long time ago) you couldn't just have your run of the mill version of pencils and pens and notebook paper. No siree. There was only one type of paper supplies that were acceptable. And when I reveal who it is it is going to prove that it has been a long while since I was an elementary student.

It was all about this:

Lisa Frank

Oh.My. Goodness. How I loved Lisa Frank.

As a budding artist the idea of drawing really super duper cute animals and getting to color them in crazy florescent colors (with a high sheen!) seemed like the perfect job. I'm pretty sure I probably wrote her a snail mail letter telling her as much. I had it all. Erasers (small enough for a younger sibling to confuse with candy) stickers (that never ever got used) and pencils and folders and every stationary need that a young 8-11 year old's heart could imagine.

The best item was a pink (naturally) metal pencil case that held all my precious goodies in it. I'm pretty sure (ok crossing my fingers and hoping) that the pencil case is still around, sitting on a dusty shelf at my parent's house right now.

There were a few characters that showed up a lot in my materials.

I always kind of thought of the unicorn horse as the Lisa Frank signature item.

I lived in Florida so there was plenty of these guys.

Probably my least favorite Lisa Frank character. I just never got it.

My favorite characters.

All images from Lisa Frank

It is interesting to me now as an adult to look at the marketing and the identity of this brand. The fact that this colorful company took off with such a basic, simple name for such an over the top brand.

Did you love love love Lisa Frank too? Love office/stationary supplies?



  1. i totally loved lisa frank...but i gotta say, i'm glad i don't anymore!

  2. hahaha heck yes!! i had all the lisa frank swag too. it wouldnt have been elementary school without lisa frank haha!