Monday, August 9, 2010

Shark Week!

You know that you must be a pretty cool animal if the Discovery Channel gives you a week of your very own. Shark Week usually doesn't disappoint though and they always have shark infested waters and scary moments that probably keep a lot of people out of the ocean for a couple of days.

Growing up in Florida thinking about sharks really wasn't any big deal. I grew up in Venice Florida which happens to be the sharks tooth capital of the world.

Real shark's tooth found in Venice Florida! Crazy, right?

But when it looks this beautiful you can't really blame them for enjoying the scenery.

We had a festival each year called the Sharks Tooth Festival. It's funny to me now how NORMAL that all sounded back in the day. It was just the environment that I was living in and had always known. Now that I'm landlocked all those quirky little things make me appreciate where I grew up.

Did you grow up in an area with a special title or special hometown quirk?


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  1. we had the "clam festival" every summer. i'm from maine. there was a lot of seafood involved, which i loved. and yayyy shark week! haha :]