Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lucy's 1 Year Photos

When we went down to Florida for Lucy's birthday party to celebrate with our family and friends we also were able to do her 1 year photos. My husband has done a really good job of taking pictures of Lucy throughout the first year of her life. This child's first year is VERY well documented. I'm pretty sure that there are more pictures of her in 1 year then my parents probably took of me in 18 years. It is great that he is so diligent about taking pictures because I'm pretty bad about it. I'm much more of a "savor the moment" type and forget to take pictures. Ying and yang. We balance each other out. He reminds me to take more photos, I remind him to edit and eliminate so that we don't have to buy another computer just to save all these photos :)

My best friend, who I have known since preschool, is awesome at doing photos and offered to take these for us. I was so thrilled! And then I saw her work and I was even more thrilled at how they all turned out! I'm trying very hard to encourage her to really look into doing this as a business because she really has a talent for it. She also made the great chalkboard sign for Lucy which was such an awesome touch. 

I love how the photos turned out and think she did such a great job of capturing Lucy's two sides, sweet and spunky.


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  1. Lucy is adorable and these pictures turned out GREAT! And I love that your husband is the documenter…can he teach mine?! There's too much pressure that comes with the job! ;)