Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lucy at 12 months


We made it through the first year. And what a year it has been. I have plenty of first birthday and one year photos to share also. Here is the rundown on Lucy at one.

Lucy Loves:

 Books....Lucy LOVES books. She loves to flip through the pages of her board books and "read" them out loud. Her reading sounds a lot like grumbling and I have to wonder sometimes if that is what she thinks I sound like reading them to her. Ahem. She likes when I read her books also. Her favorite books are:
Brown Bear Brown Bear
Snuggle Puppy, Opposites, Moo Baa La La La, Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton



Kitty Cats... Lucy is in love with our cat Wednesday. She is small and furry and apparently that is very entertaining to Lucy. The feelings don't seem to be mutual but she is pretty tolerant of Lucy. One of Lucy's first words was actually "kitty cat", which sounds a lot more like "keeeh kah".  She also seems to really like Hello Kitty and her kitty straw cup.


Water .. this little girl is a total mermaid. She loves being in the water. She has always loved taking baths and we had a feeling that she would love swimming pools. She got to go to a water park for her birthday which she loved. I have a feeling that with a birthday in August there will be many birthday parties involving water.

Lucy is a pretty good eater, up until recently she was not a picky eater but lately she has been known to toss half of her meal on to the floor. I think this has a lot more to do with her being bored and just playing then actually being picky. But it does make meal time more difficult. Lucy likes to eat brown beans, green beans, peas, bananas, graham crackers, yogurt, cottage cheese, macaroni and cheese, squash and avocados. She was a good little black bean eater but I think that maybe she had a few too many and that black bean boat has now sailed. We are working on introducing milk but she isn't a huge fan so far. She does love drinking water out of her straw cup though.

Lucy isn't much of a t.v. watcher but she does love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey Mouse specifically. I love how she books it right up to the t.v. when it comes on and does a little happy dance.  She loves going on swings, trashing her closet and being on the go.

At 6 months Lucy seemed to have a ton of developmental milestones all at one time. 12 months (13 months) seems to be the same way. She is thisclose to standing and walking. Whenever she stands she tries to walk. She has started pointing, waving and talking more. She can say kitty cat, dada, mama, no, hello, hi, hey.

She has also gotten a lot more expressive lately. This poor girl has her momma's poker face which means she has no poker face at all. It is always obvious what she is feeling and she has no problem expressing it. She has a great smile and an even better "silly" smile.

Sleep: Such a dirty word in this house. She takes 2 naps a day. Naps have generally gotten better. Night sleep is another story. Has yet to sleep through the night. Bedtime is usually pretty early. Moving on....

Hates: Sleep. The car. Terrible car sleeper. She doesn't like being restrained. This includes car seats.  She doesn't like having her nails trimmed or her nose cleaned.

Stats: She is about 19lbs, 29 inches. She is mainly wearing 12 month clothes still and has totally leaned out.

Lucy is a silly, happy funny little girl. She is little Miss Independent. She is always on the go, curious and sweet.


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