Thursday, September 19, 2013

Link Up! Kid Tested, Mom Approved

I’ve been loving the Kid Tested, Mom Approved link up. Some of my favorite mommy blogs, Strawberry Swing and Other Things and Sunflower State of Mind, have been posting on different mom/baby things and I am finally getting on the boat now that they are on their last leg of this link up tour. 

 The subject for the day: Go To Gear.  When making up this list I did notice how I feel like since Lucy is 1 now we have a lot less gear that we have to have then where we were a year ago. So now on to the goods...

1.Aden &Anais Lovie Blankets. I love A&A like many moms. We have used many of their products as Lucy has grown. We used (and still sometimes use) the Aden & Anais Swaddle blankets. I love the texture of these blankets. We used the sleep sacks when we were no longer swaddling and now she has an Aden & Anais lovie blanket that she sleeps with. I have also added a swaddle blanket to her crib for her since Lucy tends to float around her crib and that way she should always be able to find a blanket.

2. Munchkin Straw Cup. Love this cup. It was an impulse buy at Target and it has become her favorite cup. I love that the straw is great at not letting the water spill out with the way that Lucy tosses it around.

3. Fisher Price Sea Horse. This sea horse is crucial to our sleep routine. We’ve used it for a long time now and love it. I have had to zip tie the sea horse to her crib otherwise we would have a flying sea horse.

4. BumGenius 4.0 One Size.  We have been cloth diapering since she was about 5 months old. I dabbled in it a little before that but took a break from it temporarily. Once we got back on the cloth diaper wagon we have never looked back. I love cloth diapering and BumGenius makes it so flipping easy.

5. California Baby Diaper Area Wash. This works so well with our cloth diapers. I love using this because I know that it keeps her clean with a product and ingredients that I trust on Lucy’s tender skin. It smells really good too. That usually is justification enough for me to purchase something.

6. The Honest Company Body Wash. I really enjoy The Honest Company’s products and this is one of the products that is always in our monthly bundle. It smells great (see I told you that was my go to reason) and it is great for her skin.



  1. We have several of these items and totally agree that they are must-haves!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love that seahorse. We used it constantly when my daughter was a newborn and wasn't sleeping for more than two hours at a time. It was soothing, for all of us!

  3. Okay, I ALMOST bought the sweet little cat cup at Target today! Glad to know Lucy likes it--I will actually buy it next time I'm there! :) And the seahorse--key to our sleep routine too!

    Thanks so much for linking up!!!

    1. That cup is great, we got a second one. It isn't as great as her milk cup for some reason but it does fine with water even when she turns it upside down.