Wednesday, February 16, 2011

South of Broad - Book Review

I just finished one of the books that was on my "to read" list. The book was South of Broad by Pat Conroy.

The book takes place in Charleston South Carolina. I had heard a lot of praise for this book. Plus it takes place in the South which I was ALL about.

Charleston is one of the most beautiful cities in the US in my opinion.

Did you know they filmed the major chick flick "The Notebook" in Charleston?

Needless to say I had some pretty high expectations.

And wouldn't you know it but I just didn't love this book. Isn't that the worst? When you really want to love something and it just doesn't pan out? Don't get me wrong this book was beautifully written. In a lot of ways its like a love letter written to the city of Charleston. I just can't say that I really love the story. It was darker and surprised me in ways that I wasn't expecting.

My sister and I share books and I plan on sending her a book package with books that I've read and am giving to her to read and I just don't know that I would want to pass this one along.


Since I never posted anything for Valentine's Day I will post one thing that I really am loving right now. And for the record I don't hate Valentine's Day or anything, being married to my best friend and sous chef for life makes every day feel like Valentine's Day so Monday wasn't too different in my little world.

I am really LOVING this:

This stuff is REALLY good. I'm loving it on plain yogurt right now and I just can't get enough of it.

So what are you loving right now? Any books you love? Ones that you hoped to love but didn't?



  1. That is so disappointing when you look forward to a book and it stinks. I loved the something borrowed books lately though!

  2. @thehealthyapron

    I really enjoyed the "Something Borrowed" books also. Nice easy read!

  3. I am loving Jodi picoult books right now.. they take like the first 100 pgs to get into but I love them all! ... so far!! I'm new to your blog and love it!! I am pretty new to the blog world.. see you around!!

  4. @candice

    Hi Candice! Thanks for stopping by! I've heard of her books before but had never read one. I'll have to add it to my list.

  5. I hate when you really want to love something and it disappoints you :(

    However, that granola looks amazing!