Monday, February 28, 2011

What Do You Have Cooking?

I love reading cook books. I love getting a new cook book and a stack of post it notes and going through the book and placing a post it note on each new recipe that I want to try out.

Many times the recipes that we collect come from a variety of sources including cook books, blogs and Food Network shows.

If a recipe is found online many times we print it out and place it in our big notebook of recipes.

The idea of organizing our recipes in a notebook probably made you think we had this whole organization thing down pretty well right?

Not necessarily.

There are folders to help organize aka "just hold it" for us, and that still works too. Lots of notes and recipes that were scribbled down find there place here.

We do use traditional cookbooks too.

This one is pretty classic. You can't go wrong with Paula Deen. You can end up with an increase in your waist line because of Paula Deen though :) Moderation, all in moderation.

Favorite Recipe from this book: Mac n Cheese.

My mom got my this cook book for my birthday one year knowing how much my husband loves Italian food. Happy birthday to me!

Favorite Recipe from this book: Chicken Saltimbocca

This is one of the first cook books that I got, back before I had any interest in cooking. I never cracked it open until many years later and to my surprise it had a number of good recipes in it that we keep in rotation now.

Favorite Recipe from this book: Chinese Peanut Chicken

This cook book is pretty amazing. It's huge and chock full of great Southern classic recipes. It also includes information on where the recipe originated from, a little Southern history, some top Southern restaurant profiles and tons and tons of great recipes.

Tons of great recipes. Got a little crazy with the post it notes.

Favorite Recipe from this book: Southwest Egg Rolls

We made these on Valentine's Day and they turned out amazing. They are similar to the egg rolls that you get at Chili's but much better. My husband really blew this recipe out of the water.

This book has more party and event type recipes.

Favorite Recipe from this book: Shrimp and Grits

This book is like a huge encyclopedia of cooking knowledge. If you want to know how to skewer shrimp, cook an egg, tie a roast this book will have your answer.

Favorite Recipe from this book: none. It has recipes in it but we've used it more as a resource so far.

Do you have a favorite cook book?



  1. oh my goodness, i need you to give me some recipe ideas!! i usually just turn to betty crocker. i have a lot but i just buy them, and then they sit around.

  2. I am obsessed with collecting cookbooks. Don't have a fav, per say. In the summer I love Everyday Raw and Ani Phyos books. In the winter I reference cooking lights cookbook sometimes!