Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tea for Two

The weather gave us a major tease this past weekend. High of 70 wonderful degrees. And then last night we had an ice storm. So it's back to regular winter weather here.

One thing that I enjoy during the winter months is a good hot cup of tea. Tea is a good drink choice since it can be load with lots of antioxidants and other "good for you" ingredients. "Good for you" is a scientific term you know :) Right. Leave the science talk to the husband.

And speaking of my chemistry loving husband, they say that the best way to encourage others to pick up a habit or behavior is to be an example and I think that just might be happening in my house. My husband, John, started getting a little curious about tea. I was thrilled for him to try it out and see what he liked. So here is what we've been drinking at our house lately:

This is the John really likes. I'm not a huge fan of apple flavor but this is pretty good and very strong flavor for a tea.

This one tasts a lot like Starbucks Passion Tea which is one of my favorite teas. Really love it.

This is another one of my favorite teas, it also has a very strong flavor. I love the vanilla in it.

As you can see we are keeping Celestial Seasonings in business right now :) From a graphic designers standpoint I really dig their design of the boxes too. Very clean design with some great colors. And boy can I use some good color and some good tea in these cloudy gray months!

Got a favorite tea?



  1. Total tea addict here. We have an entire cabinet in our kitchen JUST for tea. It's ridiculous. Stash is a favorite brand-- love their Moroccan Mint green tea and Fusion green and white (although it might be bitter if you're used to herbal or fruity teas). Republic of Tea is another good brand. I have a special edition pumpkin spice rooibos that's awesome, and I LOVE the Pink Lemonade green tea. I could go on, but I'll spare you :)

  2. @Caiti

    Pink Lemonade Green tea sounds awesome! I tend to drink the herbal stuff just because I need for it to be decaf. I like green tea but I want to start him off with the easy, light stuff so we can get this habit to stick :)

  3. I've been getting into tea lately...I'm trying to grab a cup at night after dinner and replace that dreaded snack after dinner with a cup of tea!

  4. UGH! It was 70 here too last Friday, then it was 14 degrees a few days later! And it snowed. SO annoying!

    I love that Acai Zinger tea!! A client got it for me and it's delish!

  5. acai mango!?!?! i need to try that!! i love tea. i'm glad i'm not the only tea addict :) haha

  6. @yours truly dear

    It's really good! It tastes a lot like the Passion Tea that Starbucks sells. I like the tartness.

    @ Holly using tea in place of a snack sounds like a really smart idea!

    @ Laury
    I saw the Acai Zinger on your page and since you have good taste I thought I would like it and I was right! :)