Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Manifesto

A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite blogs, The Fitnessista, posted a blog post about her personal manifesto based on the manifesto that you can find on Lululemon Athletica's bags.

I love manifestos or declarations like this where you break down who you are what you really feel like matters to you and your life. What you stand for and what you live by. I was inspired by this and decided to make my own manifesto. So here are a couple of rules that I try to remember to live by:

1. Water, water and still more water.

I think we all have heard how great water is for us. I know that for me I can tell a difference when I haven't been keeping up on my water intake. I try to drink a lot of water, often times putting some lime juice into my water to give it a little flavor. I also have to have the water really cold.

2. Take time to love.

My loves

Relationships with our loved ones, friends, family and pets is one of the most important parts of life. I cherish my support team and never take it for granted. The Beatles said it best, all we need is love.

3. Practice yoga regularly.

I love doing yoga. It just feels so good to get a good stretch. Whenever I end a yoga session the first thing that always crosses my mind is "I need to do that more often". I never regret practicing yoga, just NOT doing it. I think yoga is good for people of all ages and sizes. Teaching a class of kids how to do sun salutations (switched to "animal poses" for them to better understand) was one of the most fun times I've ever had doing yoga.

4. Money is just a tool.

So much of life is spent on trying to get more, be more and earn more. Remembering that the point of money is to use it as a tool and not a measuring stick or indicator of happiness is something I try to remind myself.

5. Exercise the imagination often.

When I was in elementary school my teacher asked us all to draw a picture of ourselves. I was the only kid in the class that drew myself older and totally dressed up like a gypsy. I also won the award that year for being the best at show and tell. I've obviously never had trouble with getting in touch with my imagination. I think life is better lived this way.

6. No food guilt, just balance.

I refuse to feel bad about enjoying food that tastes good. Life it too short. Sometimes that food is a nice piece of crunchy bread or a warm cookie. I won't beat myself up for enjoying food, I will keep things in balance though. Everything in moderation.

7. Make time for silliness.

Always make time to be silly, to laugh and to not take yourself or anything else too seriously. I love watching reality tv shows because they are so ridiculous and sometimes say the funniest things ( Who gonna check me boo??!). My husband and I have a zillion silly inside jokes. Being silly is good for the soul.

8. Focus on the positive.

I think that finding a way to be positive in all situations in life to be a crucial life skill. I know that I am drawn to positive people and try hard to find a positive spin on all the obstacles that I face in life. Sometimes that happens to be pretty easy. Sometimes not so much. There is so much in life that we can't control, but we can always control how we react to something.

9. Date your husband (spouse).

At Wrigley Field

It's so easy to get caught up with all the regular business in day to day life with bills and work and life issues. My husband and I always take time to spend quality time together every day and make sure that we plan fun dates and adventures. He is such an important part of my life and I don't want to ever take that for granted.

10. Count your blessings.

I try to count my blessings and focus on all the talents, skills and good fortune that I have had in life. It only takes a Google search to find plenty of people who have things much, much worse then I do. I am thankful.

So what things do you live by? What is on your life manifesto?



  1. Love this post.


    No food guilt, just balance.

    Make time for sillyness

    and of course take time to love :-)

  2. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this post! I know I try to live by many of the same things, but need to remind myself of others at the same time!