Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Jersey and Great Guana Cay

It seems that it is officially wedding season. Brides are getting their plans into place as many weddings seem to take place during the summer months (I'm a (was a) summer bride!)

Two of the maps that I recently worked on took place in very different areas. The first map was for a great couple that was getting married on the New Jersey shore.

Now I kind of doubt that this type of Jersey Shore wedding isn't the same Jersey Shore style that is on MTV. A fun and sea inspired map that turned out great!

Another map that I worked on recently was for a more tropical destination, Great Guana Cay.

I really enjoyed making this map since the layout ended up being different from a lot of the maps that I make. It also seems like a very cool place and a location that I'm sure makes for a great wedding location!


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