Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thoughts on Being A Mom - 6 weeks in

We are just about 6 weeks in to this whole "mom" thing. Oh the lessons I have learned. I've probably learned more, especially about myself, in the last 6 weeks then I think I did in 4 years of college. 

I don't even begin to think I know it all now, I'm pretty sure I still haven't scratched the surface of what being a mom is really and truly all about. But in 6 weeks there are so many things that have changed my life and the way that I view life.  

• Watching her learn, try and realize new things makes me feel more proud then anything I've ever accomplished in my own life.

•  Labor and delivery, breastfeeding and taking care of a baby in general is much harder then I ever imagined. I've learned how much I want something and how much I will fight for it. I'm stronger then I ever really thought I could be.

•I've also cried much more then I ever thought I could cry. Happy tears, sad tears, stressed tears and successful tears. I am a water hazard.  

• Every new moment seems like it belongs in a Hallmark commercial with the way it tugs at my heart and my need for tissues.

•  Folgers got it all wrong. The best part of waking up is going into your baby's room and having them smile when they see your face. Day made.


• I was already a pretty efficient person before having a baby. I'm an incredibly efficient person now.

• Going along with efficiency, I sometimes look around for my little trophy that I feel like I must have won once I do get every single thing on my to do list done. Still haven't found it yet.

• Lighting is overrated. I can now feed, diaper and re-swaddle a baby in almost total darkness with ninja like precision. I'm sure the Army will be calling me soon to recruit me with this new ability. 

• Before baby I was always on time and usually early to things. If I was 5 minutes early it was late by my standards. If I'm only 5 minutes late now that is my new version of on time.  Even with this new standard, I'm rarely on time.

• Naptime is sooo important. Snuggling is very important too.

 • Sometimes you are just so happy that you can't wipe the smile off your face, even in your sleep.

• The only songs that will ever be stuck in my head anymore probably come from a Fisher Price toy.

• If you are talking to me and my baby is crying I can guarantee you that I will not hear a word you are saying. Once she cries that is all my brain can process while I try to figure out a way to make it stop.  Not because I hate the sound of crying but because I hate the idea of her being sad/ upset

 • I listened to the Beatles "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" a million times when I was pregnant. The first time I listened to it with her next to me she stopped crying and was just calm.  Realizing the Lucy that I dreamed about when pregnant was right next to me and was "real" was a huge "aha moment" for me. And of course, I cried.

• I was use to being the cute one in this house, I'm totally ok with giving up my title to her.


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  1. Aww, yay :) It's so great to see the blessings of motherhood in other deserving people! Also, I LOVE that last picture!! She is so adorable :)