Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucy - 2 Months Old

Dear Lucy,

2 months old! It’s crazy for me to think that you are only 2 months old because it seems like you have been with us for such a long time already and sometimes I feel like you act so much older then your age.

You are such a big girl! You gained 3lbs since your last check up and are 12lbs 8oz now! You are still wearing 0-3 month old clothes and size 1 diapers. That is going to be changing soon. You are ready for size 2 diapers now which means it is time for cloth diapers for you! I imagine that your clothing size is going to go up now also.

In the past month we have discovered the Miracle Blanket (courtesy of Auntie Holly!) which has been a huge help with naps and sleeping. You are such an active alert child that you need a little help when it comes to relaxing. Speaking of sleep, we moved you out of the newborn napper this month and you are now sleeping in the Pack N Play. It won’t be long now till you move into your crib.

You have also moved up in your bathtub. No longer sitting in the newborn sling and no longer taking baths up on the counter! You fit in the tub and that tub is in the big tub now since you have discovered how much fun it is to splash in your bath. You really like bath time and are a little water baby.

You have started talking and smiling so much more this month. Every morning your dad and I look forward to seeing your face and the little happy dance that you do each morning. Well, you are happy most mornings :) We love “talking” to you and seeing how happy you are.

You do well at tummy time but don’t like laying on your belly for a long period of time. You will travel to Florida and North Carolina in the next month along with being baptized in front of many friends and family.  So many exciting things coming up for you!

You have such a big personality and are the sunshine of my life. We can't wait to see what the next month brings!



  1. Nick plays this game: every time he walks by her birth announcement on our fridge, he pulls out a spoon and pretends to "feed" Lucy. I think he is trying to bond with her from far away ;-)

    What a sweetie she is!

  2. So fun, and so adorable! I love it :) That's great she does so well with tummy time, Henry hated it and it made me feel terrible, but then he realized he could roll over. So I guess it was Keep up the good work Lucy!