Monday, July 16, 2012

35 weeks and fluff

35 weeks, the end is near! For the longest time it felt like things were moving so fast and I couldn't believe that we were as far along as we were. That feeling has stopped. It has been replaced by a feeling of excitement, occasionally with some anxiety, about what is yet to come.

Size of Baby/ This week's fruit:  She feels like a baby. All the movement feels like there is a small, sometimes angry, little human inside of me that likes to rearrange the furniture (aka my organs) A LOT.  My husband works with alligators and I remember watching a video he took of when baby alligators were born (which was very cute and amazing) and I couldn't believe how developed and strong they looked when they were born and how was it possible that something as fragile and flimsy as an egg and egg shell could contain something like that. I've thought of that a lot lately with the super strong jabs and kicks that I have felt in the last few weeks. This little girl can not be contained much longer!

Cravings: I crave to have my body back minus one cute little girl. I also crave to not have a foot constantly in my rib. It is almost eviction time and she is moving on up in the world.

What I love now: How ready we are. I know many parents are probably laughing at that thinking "You have no idea, you can never be ready" but we have all the things prepared and our home ready and mentally I think we are both ready to make that transition into a new part of our lives. I have the best partner to figure and work things out with and I'm so excited to start our life as a family of three.

Symptoms: Not really a symptom but after my last O.B. appointment I was told that we are seeing some initial signs of labor starting.  I don't want to get too TMI on here but it was good to know that my body seems to know what it is suppose to be doing now. It's hard not to get a little excited knowing that my body has started to transition, even if it is just a little bit, but I will try and keep the excitement in check until my appointment this week when hopefully we will hear that things have continued to move along.
Highlight of the week: All weeks are good weeks at this point. So thankful to be almost full term and to have had such an amazing pregnancy so far. 
What's new: We took our hospital tour this past week. I LOVE our hospital. I could not be any happier with the doctors or the facility. The hospital is walking distance from my doctor's office and about a 20 min drive (depending on traffic) for us. One of the only drawbacks of living in Charleston is that there are a bunch of islands (James Island, Charleston (main island), West Ashley (not really an island) and Mt Pleasant) and sometimes the straight line from one location to the next doesn't exist because of the harbor.  This is the case for us. We live on James Island and our hospital is in Mt Pleasant. If we had a boat we could probably get there pretty quickly because we are south west of that area. So instead we have to go around a bit to get to Mt. Pleasant. We are so happy with our medical situation though that this isn't a big deal to us. The tour of the hospital showed us what a great and new (less then 5 years I believe) facility they have and how accommodating they are for their patients. During our tour we saw the birth room and the postpartum rooms. Seeing the birth room and knowing that was what the room I was going to give birth in was a totally surreal feeling. It is was the first time in my life that I felt totally excited and scared at the exact same moment. 
Bump time!

The belly in full effect. I feel like at this point I must be waddling but my husband assures me that I'm not. He's a nice guy like that. I can still tie my shoes but I can't say it's easy. I'm convinced that the phrase "bun in the oven" has something to do with the fact that you are always hot and feel like your body is an oven set at 425 most days.  Of course around here I would change that to be a "biscuit in the oven", Southern proper and all ;)

This past week I got my first bag of Rocking Green detergent to wash and prep all my cloth diapers.  We don't plan on cloth diapering her immediately. I figure that there will be many new things to try and tackle at the beginning and why throw cloth diapering also into that mix. Plus, the majority of our cloth diaper stash is not newborn size so she needs to be close to 10lbs before she can wear most of these diapers and not have issues with them being too big and causing leaks.

Right now our cloth diaper stash (or fluff as us cloth diapering momma's call it) consist of 2 BumGenius Newborn Diapers, 2 Flip Covers,  2 Bum Cheeks,  9 Bum Genius One Size Pockets,  7 FuzziBunz One Size Pockets.  I think I want to get a couple more to maybe be closer to having around 24 at some point but I'm reluctant to purchase any more until we know which brand seems to work the best for us. I also have about 90 cloth wipes (yep, I'm going there) and cloth wipe solution set up for when that transition begins. The cloth wipes in this case are pieces of fleece fabric that Lucy's Nana (my mom) cut up to use. It's getting crunchy hippie over here people :)

These little guys are the two newborn Bumgenius diapers that we have that will hopefully help us transition from newborn disposables into the cloth diapers. I gotta say that they are probably my favorite diapers in our stash. The first one is "Albert" and I think it is a perfect diaper to represent her dad with all the science equations on it. The second one is "Lovelace" which represents me proudly with all the artistic doodles on it.  Getting sentimental about diapers, gotta love pregnancy hormones. 

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  1. i still love my cloth diapers, so no shame getting sentimental about them ;) haha. our bumgenius newborn one fit henry right after his umbilical cord fell off (which is when we were planning on starting the cloth diapers). we use bum genius 4.0 and love them. i think we have around 26? i wanted to do cloth wipes too, but josh put his foot down on that hahaha. it's not that much more effort/gross than the cloth diapers themselves, but he can't fathom it. too funny. good luck with them though, thats exciting. i have extra little cubes that you boil with water to make the wipes solution if you want them. let me know :) and yayyyyy, almost to the end!!!!