Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lucy's Nursery

I am giving warning now, this is going to be a very picture heavy blog post, focused on Lucy's nursery. I am so happy how her nursery came out. I never really imagined it would have turned out so nice. I didn't really have anything set in my mind of how I wanted it to look. My hubby had a lot of say in the design of the room and really get involved with helping to pick stuff out. We don't really have a theme, besides lots of the light green that I seem really drawn to right now, but I really wouldn't want it to look any different then it is. Well, add one sweet little girl and then it is perfect :)

Lucy's nursery:

 I love the colors of her room. It is very relaxing. The glider that we got (off Craigslist!) is so nice to sit in. I hear that is a good thing since I will be sitting in it a lot. My mom made the quilt and the cat picture came from John's childhood bedroom. We have found ourselves buying a number of "Peanuts" Lucy related items.

The two accessories I have been most excited about getting for her: Pink Chuck Taylors and a green and white seersucker bow. A nice mix of girly but not TOO girly. 

I really wanted to paint something for her room. Her mom is an artist, only seems right. I think it turned out really well. Since one of her nicknames is "Lucy Goosey" or "The Goose" I got inspired by that.  I'm excited to add the pictures from her newborn session to the other wall. 


It is great how I was able to tie the light green color in to many different areas, the carpet, the ties on her crib, the curtains and the changing table. 

 The Muppet alphabet was the first piece we bought for her room. I can't name all the Muppets in it yet but I should probably brush up on that eventually since I'm sure a little someone will ask one day. My mom, her "Nana", made the little curtains for her room also.

 I think it is safe to say that she should have no problem knowing what her name is. And with it being only 4 letters, not too hard to spell.

Little girl already has a stocked closet full of gorgeous little clothes.  And then we have the baby entertainment units. I've been told the Snug A Bunny Swing (the big tan one) is a big hit with babies. Hopefully it is a big hit with Lucys also. 

So that is Lucy's nursery! I want to thank all our family and friends (especially you Holly!) for all the support and gifts you have given us to help make her room so beautiful. She is one lucky little girl in so many ways already.


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