Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seeing Green

Wylie wants to know if its spring and time to come out yet.


Not even close.

Even though our world has been very white lately there was just a little bit of green in our world for a little while.

When the Green Bay Packers advanced to the Super Bowl this past weekend!

It was all green, and smiles, around here then!

Do you plan on watching the Super Bowl? Can you be bribed into being a Green Bay Packers fan for the night? (Bribes are CHEESE by the way).



  1. What a cute photo of you and your man! I'm definitely not a football fan, but I'm with you on hoping spring comes very, very soon!

  2. You are so pretty! Green is your color :-) Congrats on the Packers advancing the the superbowl.

    I am super ready for spring!

  3. @Laury @The FitnessDish

    You are too sweet lady!

    I want to see lots more green asap!