Friday, December 17, 2010

What's In My Name?

Going along with my previous post I'm definitely feeling a pull to change things up around this ol' blog with the impending new year just around the corner. I know that I want to blog more about things that are important to me, like living creatively in design, cooking and life. More healthy stuff that is still GOOD stuff. So I feel a name change coming on. The current name is also the name of my design business and works great for that but since this isn't meant to be a BUY THINGS FROM MY ETSY SHOP kinda of blog I think I need a new title.

I have a few names in mind that I have to chew on for a little while and see if they fit.



  1. oo la la, i'm excited :] maybe we'll be seeing Laura in Wonderland soon? umm so that's me trying to be clever right there... hehe :]

  2. ^ I like that!!!

    new blogs are exciting!!! I switched mine up this year too...good luck!! keep us posted!!

    Also, thanks so so much on the positive thoughts for munchkin...he is going to be just fine, I am So relieved!