Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The End and a New Beginning?

A lot of people get very contemplative about what they have or have not achieved in the past year. I feel like I have acheived a lot in the past year, a lot that I have to be proud of. I started Wonderland Papers right as the year was beginning and I have had so much success with it. I'm pretty notorious for burning bright white hot for something and then burning out and not following through with things all the time but I feel like I broke that pattern with the launching of WP. It has been a great experience and I hope that it continues to grow even more in the next year.

One thing that I do expect to change, in what direction I'm still not sure of, is this blog. My first blog was one that I created for family and friends when my husband and I were engaged. It was a lot of fun and the subject was pretty firm and set, wedding stuff. Lots and lots of wedding stuff. I got a lot of compliments on the blog that it was resourceful and heck, even a little funny. I enjoy writing and it seemed they enjoyed reading it.

After the wedding I started posting things about our life and what was happening. It eventually became a private blog because we started to get concerned about there being too much information about us out there. It was hard to find a balance for it all and that blog is kind of dead now. I think the last post on it was from this past Easter and it really only had photos on it.

And then there is this blog, the Wonderland Papers one. Granted, I started it because I felt like it would be a good tool for my company. But since I'm not getting married the idea of thinking and posting things about weddings anymore is kind of boring to me. And of course that is the main things that brides want to see. Therein lies my dilema.

It all comes down to the idea that I don't know what my voice is for this blog right now. I have a lot of interests and things that I'm thinking about and get really excited about, but I don't know that its blog worthy. I love food and cooking and more and more I care about doing all that in a healthy but not overally strict and rigid kind of way. I also know that while opening yourself up and being personal makes you a lot more likable there is always privacy and what is too much info to consider also.

I don't know what the next step is but I figure that to get there you have to start here, with a good deep look inside to figure out where you are before you move from that spot.



  1. well i'll be here the whole time, my dear! i think you are very fun and witty, and always enjoy hopping over here! ♥

  2. Hi!
    I too don't consider myself witty or very funny.
    So my blog is just me, I am not trying to be someone I am not!
    Good luck to you :)