Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 20: Half Way There and It's A.....

Size of Baby/ This week's fruit:
Cantaloupe. I really wonder how they are measuring this fruit sometimes!

Cravings: Ice Cream. I tell my husband this is how we know it is his child since I never really have been much of an ice cream person and suddenly it sounds so good to me.

What I love now: The fact that we are at the half way point and it all seems very real right now. It's time for things to start happening over here! I started feeling movement and some kicks this week and towards the end of the week I realized I was able to see the kicks.

Symptoms: Still have low energy and started having leg cramps.

Highlight of the week: Our 20 week appointment and anatomy ultra sound. This is the BIG appointment. They told us it would be a long one. Our ultrasound tech was WONDERFUL and was very thorough checking everything out. There really aren't words to describe how unbelievable it all is. At our first appointment the baby looked a little like a shrimp to be honest and now it is a BABY. It is beyond anything I could ever truly grasp. They ask for you to come with a full or mostly full bladder to the appointment. I EXCELLED in this task since I don't know how much it takes to fill my bladder these days and our little one wasn't too activity since it had a full bladder pressing against it. Our ultrasound tech and our doctor were both very happy with everything and we felt extremely fortunate to have such a great appointment.

Gender: We are having a girl. Her name is Lucy Grace. :) We both really loved the name Lucy and her middle name, Grace, is the same as my mom's middle name and my maternal grandmother's first name. We have had such a positive reaction to her name and so much love and support already.

We feel so incredibly blessed and are so excited to meet our daughter :)

The fact that I am wearing pink and he is wearing blue was a total coincidence. Not planned at all.



  1. Congrats Laura!! I'm very happy for you and your new Family. You will be a great Mom. Good luck.


  2. Congratulations!! Little girls are so much fun! And even more fun to shop for. =)