Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Know You Are In A Southern Home When....

You know you are in a Southern home when....

The bulk of the shoes by the door are flip flops and "boat" shoes.

There are signs declaring their allegiance to being a Parrotthead.

There is hydrangea on the dinner table.

There are decorations up in anticipation for college football season, specifically SEC football season.

You know you are in a Southern home when they have a sign professing their love for all things Southern.



  1. Love this! Laughed out loud looking at the shoes by the door!

  2. Love, LOVE this list! I've got my SEC football wreath up already and can't wait to watch the first Arkansas game next Saturday!

  3. @Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition

    Thanks Leslie! I'm soo ready for football season too! Go SEC :)